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Welcome to the home of “The Dolphin Seer” I am a fanatical Miami Dolphin’s fan who will promote the team in the most Homerish (new word?) way I can. Mostly all my articles will be POSITIVE and not focus on what is a depressing NEGATIVE spirit the main stream media likes to portray. My Motto is “Accentuating the Positive Eliminating the Negative” I welcome your comments. I am new at this and it will take some time to get this place in shape…so put on your hard hats because construction is on going.

My feature articles will be

  • As The Seer Sees It
  • A Blast From The Past
  • The Dolphin Seer Rant
  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • The Dolphin Seer Stock Report
  • Getting To Know Our Rookies
  • Training Camp Battles
  • The Dolphin Seer Weekly Match up
  • The Dolphin Seer Weekly Predictions
  • The Dolphin Seer Weekly Power Rankings
  • The Dolphin Seer Fantasy Football League (started in 2012)
  • Thinking  Outside The Box (started in 2020)
  • In The Spotlight! (Started 2021)

I want a balance group of posters (not just fellow Dolphins fans only but they are most welcomed) my goal is to have a perspective from others about how they view not only Miami but how they feel about their favorite teams. I also would like to invite any of you who want to grow with me here and write articles to do so and send them in and I will review them and post them if I approve but if I have issues (I see no reason unless it’s inappropriate) I will at least tell you why I did not post your submission. I am looking for fans of other teams especially the AFC East Jets, Pats and Bills fans to give their view of their teams and maybe as we evolve have competing articles of why our team will win the game the week we play each other…I also welcome any fan of any of the 32 teams..

I want to keep a theme of positive good news because we have more than enough negative news in this world (even in sports) that those of you who feed off can easily find out there. You will not find it here, this is the place to find positive hopefully refreshing news on the team I have loved since 1968 THE MIAMI DOLPHINS!

I am known by the online name markeyh. (Marky-H)

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