Miami Made The Right Call On Tua Tagovailoa!

Nothing bothers me more than to listen to my fellow Dolphin Fans and media folks whine about missing out on QB’s either in the Draft or by means of trades. Through that wonderful gift of hindsight some complain about missing out on Justin Herbert or Joe Burrow or how they did not draft QB’s like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Rosen, Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, Mac Jones or any other QB that some deem are better than our current QB Tua Tagovailoa (See Love The One Your With)

Some are whining that Miami did not trade for Russell Wilson, or Carson Wentz or that they are out of the Deshawn Watson sweepstakes (Or so they say) just let it be any other name other than Tua Tagovailoa for some of you.

I just don’t get some of my fellow Dolfans that have given up so quickly on our young QB. I also understand why the Dolphins have put all their Chips on the table in backing Tua this year. Because “It’s the right thing to do” 

This team spent a top 5 pick two years ago on Tua with the belief that he can be a franchise QB and despite Covid, a devastating hip injury his last year of college and a Head Coach who did everything within his powers to replace Tua. This kid risen above above all those obstacles and has a winning record unlike many of the names above that some of you are seeking to supplant Tua with, and that was with a team that had the worst O-Line and Running game in the league these past two seasons.

A lot has been invested in Tua and now with a new head coach who supports Tua and believes he can reach “Untapped Talent” that a short-sighted former HC failed to see. 

When you look at Tua’s entire body of work from college to the pros he is very accurate, he moves well in the pocket, he can get the ball out quickly, he is exceptionally good in RPO offense even with one of the worst running games in the NFL these past two seasons in Miami. Tua also is used to stepping up in big games at Alabama. 

“Tagovailoa’s strength is his accuracy, particularly in close quarters, and his ability to quickly get the ball out. There were plenty of times that Tua’s quick reads and release saved a sack or worse. “I think he’s a really accurate passer,” (New QB’s Coach Bevell said) 

Just imagine if this more qualified offensive staff provides Tua the things Brian Flores failed to these past two years. A middle to top level Offensive line and the same for the run game. Better younger and healthier WR’s and most of all so faith in Tua. 

I cannot wait to see things unfold this year under first time head coach Mike McDaniel he is by far the most intriguing hire I have seen in Miami, and I can see things work out well starting next season. 

Love him or hate him Tua Tagovailoa is our QB for the 2022 season after all he has endured in Miami this team owes him that much and so do my fellow Dolfans!

If he fails to take advantage of his opportunity this season below are names to watch for in the draft as well as the 2023 off-season. 

Future Option If Needed: 

2022 NFL Draft QB Prospects 

  • Kenny Pickett 
  • Matt Corral  
  • Malik Willis 
  • Desmond Ridder 
  • Carson Strong  

2023 NFL Free Agent QB’s 

  • Tom Brady 
  • Lamar Jackson 
  • Matthew Stafford 
  • Kyler Murray 
  • Derek Carr 
  • Baker Mayfield 
  • Jimmy Garoppolo 
  • Dwayne Haskins 
  • Jordan Love (Trade) 

2023 NFL Draft QB Prospects 

  • Clemson QB DJ Uiagalelei 
  • Ohio State QB CJ Stroud 
  • Alabama QB Bryce Young 
  • Florida QB Anthony Richardson 
  • Boise State Hank Bachmeier 
  • Mississippi QB Matt Corral 
  • Mississippi State QB Will Rogers 
  •  Miami QB Tyler Van Dyke 
  • Fresno State QB Jake Haener 

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