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It is such a shame there are so many self-loathing people in this world who are stuck in constant negativity. In the case of these media personalities like Joe Rose of WQAM and Mike Florio of NBC Sports these guys rehearse their negativity because unfortunately many of you are miserable and they love to capitalize on your misery!

As I was riding to work early this week, I was listening to WQAM’s Joe Rose show (Former Dolphin TE) they (much like Mike Florio and Chris Simms) love to bash Dolphins by stoking the fans by their negativity and blatant bashing of the Dolphins.

So they went on this rehearsed rant about how GM Chris Grier made trades this past off season during the draft that ended up moving the Dolphins down the draft board and then back up where they eventually ended up drafting Jaylen waddle instead of who they were fawning over Jamar Chase! Yes, Chase is also a very good WR but what was wrong with Miami’s pick of Waddle who:

Broke the record previously set by the Arizona Cardinals’ Anquan Boldin in 2003. Boldin (101) and Waddle are the only two rookie receivers in NFL history with 100 catches. Waddle ended the season with 104 receptions for 1,015 yards in an offensive system that was set up to fail by former Dolphins HC Brian Flores who decided to go with dual OC’s this season after running away veteran OC’s, O-line Coaches and good players in his short three years in Miami.

Brian Flores is rumored to be the source behind wanting to trade for Deshawn Watson because he did not like Tua Tagovailoa a young 2nd-year QB who was hampered by the worst offensive coaching staff in the NFL IMO and no disrespect to QB’s coach Charley Fry or one half of the dual OC’s George Godsey who SHOULD have been named the OC from the start of the season!!!!!

The more you look at it the more you see how screwed up Brian Made things on offense just the opposite of what he accomplished on Defense and that neutralized everything, that is TOTALLY ON BRIAN FLORES!!!!!!

In both cases (WQAM and Brian Flores) I dedicate this song to them!

Hopefully the next HC will show Tua and Waddle the love they deserve and get them help on offense and a good O-Line Coach an OC and a top RB to help this offense at least be a top 15 offense and that defense if they can keep it together will help this team at least reach the playoffs and we will see with the right help if Tua is who Miami’s management think he is….


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