Tough Road Ahead!

Indian steel industry performance in April-July 2016 underlines tough road  ahead

Miami will have a very tough part of their schedule starting with this weeks game, they will also have a brutal part of the schedule the last month of the season but I like the attitude of the team when they just take one game at a time.

I though will look ahead and talk about the rest of the season and hopefully put some perspective on what we are dealing with when it has been said that Miami has the 3rd toughest schedule in the NFL. That is a lot for the 2nd youngest team in the NFL!

Lets get one thing straight, NOBODY cares that Miami is the 2nd youngest team in the NFL and that they have the 3rd toughest schedule so I am not writing this article as some excuse for the team but I am just stating facts. It is a very tough schedule!!!!!

With that being said I want to take the best way to look at this years schedule approach.

I wrote a similar article and added a recipe as a twist (PUN INTENDED) when I wrote the article Turning This Lemon Schedule Into……??? I’ll just expound on it here. Basically there are two ways to view the schedule and that has a lot to do with how you think but more importantly how the team thinks about the schedule.

I truly believe that we have two kinds of thinkers in life “Positive and Negative” and I have come to believe in life there is room for both and too much of either is not good for you. I will be the first to admit I am too full of positivity and even though I know it has served me well I also know it has been to my detriment far to many times.

At the same time People full of negativity can be depressing to deal with and annoying at best…(To Me) and I am sure to them they feel the same way about me.

I started TDS because of the negativity of the main stream media who seems to always try and undermine the team and when things get difficult their viewpoint can rub off on the fan base and once the fans start grumbling than you can rest assure it gets to the owner and change is inevitable!

So it is imperative that we look at this season much like my new found friend who posted a comment in my Lemonade article….

“…as far as this season goes I will not judge the team based on W or L..but by how tough they play….don’t get me wrong, I prefer wins. But you will never hear me complain about a close game that results in a loss (as long as it’s not against the jets)..I feel this team has already surpassed my expectations in the rebuild.”

That comment especially holds true when we consider who we will be playing. I can almost assure you the Dolphins will be the underdogs in just about every matchup except maybe (the Jets and Bengals in Miami) that is mostly in part to this team being an unknown and so early in the rebuild it’s really hard to get a true feeling on who or what they will be.

So I totally concur that how we should measure this young team with the 3rd toughest schedule is how they compete (WIN OR LOSE) because me being the eternal optimist see nothing but good coming for our young team with this tough schedule as they will learn throughout the season how to compete against the best and just might pull off an upset or two as we know Brian Flores will be challenging this young team to step up and man up as they grow up quickly this 2020 season.

2020 Schedule:

2020 Miami Dolphins Schedule: Complete schedule and match-up information  breakdown

I see only 2 games where Miami might not be the underdog VS Jets and VS Bengals remember Miami was the underdog going into Jacksonville!!!

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