Turning This Lemon Schedule Into……???

Homemade Lemonade Recipe With Variations

The AFC East has a brutal schedule as they match up this year against two of the better divisions in the league the AFC West featuring defending SB Champions Kansas City Chiefs who is battling a division full of legitimate competition (Raiders, Chargers & Broncos) and we also have on our schedule the NFC West where currently 3 of the four teams are undefeated. (Cardinals, Rams, Seahawks, 49ers) Yikes!!!

As I noted in a previous article Miami currently are the 2nd youngest team in the NFL and to have to face two of the toughest divisions and also face Buffalo and New England twice a year (No Offense to the Jets who will also play us tough) it can seem like a lemon of a deal.

As you know my motto is “Accentuating the Positive Eliminating the Negative” so looking at this daunting schedule you might ask TDS what is positive about that? There are plenty of reasons to be happy about this schedule and in the long run it is a blessing in disguise!

The Lemon: The Remaining Schedule

  • Vs Seattle Oct 4th
  • At 49ERS Oct 11th
  • At Denver Oct 11th
  • Vs Chargers Oct 25th
  • Vs Rams Nov 1st
  • At Arizona Nov 8th
  • Vs Jets Nov 15th
  • BYE Nov 22nd
  • At Jets Nov 29th
  • Vs Bengals Dec. 6th
  • Vs Chiefs Dec. 13th
  • Vs New England Dec. 20th
  • At Raiders Dec. 27th
  • At Bills Jan 3rd

Yes it is BRUTAL!!!

So where can we find positives in that?

Well lets talk about my favorite Drink first! 🙂


It’s an easy recipe to make Lemonade but we all have our own way in doing it just right!

Simple Lemonade is Lemons (Fresh Squeezed or Lemon Juice), Sugar and Water! That’s it!!!

I on the other hand have taken something so simple and concocted my own version of Lemonade that I feel is the best Lemonade in the world…

I start with a pack of Lemonade Kool-Aid, Fresh Lemons or Lemon Juice and Country Time Lemonade Water and Sugar….

Mix 1 pack of Lemonade Kool-Aid, 4 scoops of  Country Time Lemonade and 1 cup of lemon Juice or freshly squeezed Lemons add  8 cups of water (or more) depending on how tart you like your Lemonade and  2 cups of sugar or whatever it takes to reach the sweetness you like!

Try it, IT’s The BOMB!!!!

How To Turn The Schedule into  Lemonade?

Well it depends on how YOU view it. If you are negative you will not see the benefits of this 2020 NFL schedule where the 2nd youngest team is faced with some of the best teams in the league.

Miami’s schedule is a blessing in disguise because each week they have to bring their A Game to have a chance to even win just about every game and even the Jets who so far looks like a lost team should not be taken lightly!

It is exactly what this team needs to learn  how to be a winner and this young team will take their lumps and will also give a few and by seasons end they will be battle tested going into the off-season hopefully with a mental toughness and a winning culture.

So sit back and get your popcorn and LEMONADE and enjoy the season no matter how it unfolds  because 2021 is our season to shine!

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4 thoughts on “Turning This Lemon Schedule Into……???”

  1. I’ll give your recipe a try….although I may add a little vodka to the mix…as far as this season goes I will not judge the team based on W or L..but by how tough they play….don’t get me wrong, I prefer wins. But you will never hear me complain about a close game that results in a loss (as long as it’s not against the jets)..I feel this team has already surpassed my expectations in the rebuild.

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