Buffalo @ Miami Review (Week 2)

The Buffalo Bills 'Squish The Fish' 37-20

The Dolphins played Buffalo this past Sunday and after 60m minutes of football our Dolphins came out on the short end of the stick and as usual there were INSTANT overreactions throughout the internet from Facebook to YouTube and that is why you get the privilege of coming to TDS and have a calming and POSITIVE report about the game.

The Bills extended their win streak to 4 games vs our Dolphins with a win this past Sunday but there was a huge difference this time around. See if you recognize what that is as I post the last 3 times the Dolphins played Buffalo.

11/17/2019Buffalo Bills37@Miami Dolphins20WBox
10/20/2019Miami Dolphins21@Buffalo Bills31WBox
12/30/2018Miami Dolphins17@Buffalo Bills42WBox

Buffalo blew our Dolphins out the last 3 meetings prior to Sunday’s 31-28 loss and we all know the Dolphins were a play or two away from winning that game. PROGRESS!


I am proud of how our team is being developed and I said BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED that our Dolphins will start off slow much like last year but they will not lose by the wide margin they did in 2019 (See TDS 2020- Miami Dolphins Projection)

After 2 games last year Miami had lost to the Ravens 59-10 and the Patriots 43 -0 a combined total after just two games 102-10 how quickly some forget!…..This year after our first two games we have only surrendered 39-52!!!!

So excuse me if I see improvement while others are crying that the sky is falling!!!!

On to the review:

Ryan Fitzpatrick bounced back and had an excellent game 31/47 328 passing yards 2 TD’s and ZERO INT’s and had it not been for a few drops one in particular by WR Preston Williams that SHOULD have been a TD Ryan would have thrown for 4 TD’s this past Sunday.

I still would like for our run game to improve but still Miles Gaskins did run hard and has the ability to catch the ball effectively out of the backfield. He had 7 rushes for 46 yards and a 6.6 YPC average. I still think Miami needs to do a better job of run blocking and get Jordan Howard and Matt Breida more involved.

Mike Gesicki was a BEAST as he put up career numbers and make some SICK catches (See Below) and ended up with 130 yards receiving with 16.2 YPC and 1 TD . We have a solid weapon in Gesicki and I am looking forward to his continued growth!

Dolphins' Mike Gesicki posts single-game career highs vs. Bills

The Offensive line also did very well in pass protection and looked very promising and the young linemen are doing very well, it’s time to maybe get Robert Hunt to replace a struggling Jessie Davis. Miami needs to let the young line continue to develop.

Miami’s offense put up 28 points and that SHOULD have been enough to win just about any game unless our much hyped Defense is not holding up their end of the deal and that’s exactly what happened as what we all thought was our strength the secondary was beaten like a drum as all that money that’s been invested into two players Xavien Howard and Byron Jones our (Hight Price Free Agent pickup this off-season) who did not play due to an injury early in the game.

Miami also drafted rookie CB Noah Igbinoghene who was poorly managed in the game as he was forced to cover the Bills number 1 WR Stephon Diggs who systematically abused our Rookie (hopefully it will humble the rookie) but still I have no clue why when Jones went out they did not have X play Diggs and let Igbinoghene play their #2 WR.

To make matters worse Xavien Howard also got abused as well as our CB’s turned Safeties Nik Needham, Eric Rowe and Bobby McCain also had a rough day! So what we though was a strength turned out to get abused by Buffalo’s WR’s and QB Josh Allen (The New Dolphins Killer) as he had over 400 yards passing on our overhyped Secondary! Stephon Diggs (153 yards receiving 1 TD), Cole Beasley (70 yards Receiving), J. Brown (82 yards receiving 1 TD) our secondary gave up huge chunk yards and all three WR’s averaged just around 20 yards per catch!

The good thing is our run defense did play much better than week one but that did not matter as the back end and poor pass rush did us no favors! Despite the issues they are dealing with I have faith that Miami will eventually get things together (Barring more injuries) and as they continue throughout the season.

This last game was more reason for optimism than frustration and even if Miami do not fair well this year remember we have two first and second round picks in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft!

We truly are at the end of the Tunnel!

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