TDS 2020- Miami Dolphins Projection


Despite the corona-virus still ravaging the Country it is quite apparent that the NFL is determined to give it a try and have a full season! So assuming everything goes well and the NFL does manage to pull off a full season how will our Miami Dolphins fare in 2020?

 I expect the Dolphins to have a similar start to the 2020 as they had in 2019, only just not so bad in the margin of defeat in the early games. According to reports, the AFC East has a very difficult schedule, in fact, Miami has what is considered the 3rd toughest schedule in the NFL.

The Dolphins will start the season up in New England and as we all know the Patriots are tough to beat at home and despite the Dolphins handing them a devastating blow late last season up in New England I am not sure Miami will be able to repeat with another win up in New England despite the changes that have gone through. I will give this a 60/40 in favor of New England. 

What I do expect from Miami is a similar season to last season, I expect them to improve each and every week and with the Arrow pointing up I can see Miami wining at least 8 games if not more. Eight games? Yes, but this time we are not going to be stuck in mediocrity this team is finally coming out of that tunnel that has been 20 years and counting before we can finally see the light!

What will be different this year as opposed to last year? For one thing the 2020 Miami Dolphins are a much more talented team and especially on defense I can see them making significant improvements over last years defense that was one of the worst defenses statistically last year.

Brian Flores has provided many Dolphins fans with a level of competence we have not seen in some time and as this team starts to win games and make a serious run to the playoffs it will not be long that Brian Flores will be considered one of the best coaches in Dolphins History and even though NO ONE will surpass Don Shaula in my book as the best coach not only in Dolphins History but I feel he is one of the best in NFL history.

The 2020 Miami Dolphins are just in year two of the rebuild and expectations are tempered but it is possible that Miami can make a run for the division title but they could also end up 4th again in 2020.

Most power rankings have Miami in the mid 20’s and that is fare for now because there are so many unknowns with this team. Can they finally run the ball? Can they just as equally stop the ruin? Once the Dolphins prove they can learn to do both well then we will see them start to play up there with the BIG BOYS.

I expect at seasons end for this team to have our fan base just as excited as we have been after a 5-11 season under Brian Flores’ first season. With more talent and a very stable locker room and with his personality that seems to be one that earns the respect of his players but at the same time maintain that disciplinarian authority figure I see this team eventually turning that corner.

It could happen this year but I am looking to 2021 as the season where Miami will be a serious contender for the division and the playoffs.

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