Dan Marino Assisting Tua?

Hands down the greatest player to dawn a Dolphin uniform ever! He brought me great joy as a Dolphins fan, in fact I basically grew up watching Marino because we are the same age (3 months apart) he was A three-time All-Pro selection and nine-time Pro Bowl honoree, Marino was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005.  

After retiring in 1999, he worked as a football commentator for CBS until 2014, when he joined the Dolphins’ front office where he remains today.  

Marino’s Influence on Tua Tagovailoa   

Marion was known for his pocket presence and quick release coupled with a strong arm, the ball always got out fast and he had great success with that style of play.  

You know who else has a very good pocket presence and one of the quickest releases in the NFL?  

Yes, Tua Tagovailoa! Coincidence? Me Thinks not! 

Here is a little-known fact that you might not know. Dan has been mentoring Tua and giving him advice since Tua was drafted. Dan also supported Tua when Tua had his challenges under Brian Flores, and I recall Tua saying his favorite advice from Marino is “pick a guy and let it fly.”  

2022 Quickest Release Chart

Quarterback  Team  Average Release Time Per Pass Attempt (Seconds)  
Tom Brady  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  2.5  
Tua Tagovailoa  Miami Dolphins  2.52  
Aaron Rodgers  Green Bay Packers  2.63  

So Tua (now that Brady has retired) has the fastest release in the game! 

Tua on Dan’s birthday in 2021 talked about what Dan has meant to him. The former Crimson Tide star mentions that Marino has been a big help in guiding him to success in his young career, and that the team is grateful for his support. (Yahoo sports)  

Marino has given Tua sound advice from his “Hall Of Fame Career” as one of the best QB in NFL History!  

Marino has been by Tua’s side throughout his young career and last season we got a glimpse of how Good Tua can be and my advice to Tau is to remember Marino’s great advice and stop holding on to the ball but  

“Pick a guy and let it fly”!!! 

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