A Tua Tagovailoa Troll: Chris Simms QB Rankings

He’s a nobody who wants to be a somebody.

Chris Simms is the son of an above average NFL QB (Phil Simms) who had a below average NFL career himself as a QB . He works with Mike Florio from NBC’s Pro Football Talk and provides commentary on various subjects NFL related. 

Chris Simms put out his 2023 Top 40 QB Countdown: #24-20: “It’s time to crap” as should be expected he rates Tua 21st with Patriots QB Mack Jones ahead of him. To see the previous list, click this link (https://chris-simms-unbuttoned.simplecast.com/

Let me start off by saying he is entitled to his opinion no matter how dumb it is! This guy has one thing on his agenda, and it is to rile up the TuAnon part of the Dolphins fan base and maybe a little retribution? 

First let’s talk about his desire to piss off Tua’s TuAnon base, these are Dolphins fans who some feels are extreme in their love for their QB to the point that they will viciously attack anyone who they feel slights their QB. (There is evidence that they do go a little too far in their protest and vicious attacks)  

So why would he want to invite that kind of assault on him? Because of the term I keep telling you all CLICKBIAT! It’s all about getting hits no matter how they come and to piss off fans and invite their responses generate exactly what he wants. Attention and Hits that generate profit and as with everything in life it’s all about the money! 

What Retribution? 

Well, this off-season during Superbowl week leading up to the game, PFT had an interview scheduled with Tua Tagovailoa.. (I thought why them? Because they have relentlessly bashed Tua!) 

According to Mike Florio Tua abruptly cancelled the interview 5 minutes before they went on the air prompting Mike Florio and Chris Simms to go on a rant at the end of the day about a “high-level quarterback” who was not respectful of the way he handled things. 

Florio said. “It has more to do with the agency that represents him now than it does him. I’ll just leave it at that.”  

No matter the reasons why Chris Simms has Tua ranked 21 on his top 40 QB’s the evidence points to a less bias conclusion.  

Tua Tagovailoa had a passer rating of 105.5 (1st) with 3,548 passing yards (12th), 25 touchdowns (T-8th), 272.9 yards per game (5th), 8.9 yards per attempt (1st), 68.5 quarterback rating (3rd) and 8 interceptions,  64.8% completions (20th)  If you project Tua’s numbers from 13 games to playing the full 17 games he would have had 34 TD’s, 4,912.5 yards passing and 11 int’s!  

Now the legitimate criticism about Tua’s inability to stay healthy holds weight but that does not negate his breakout season last year. Where do I rank Tua? Based off of his play last year I have him a top 10 QB with his arrow pointing up! 

In the NFL.com rankings of 68 QB’s last year they Rank Tua 7th 

So I honestly feel Simms have an ulterior motive not realated to dealing with facts and truth but more about Money and Payback!

I too am entitled to my opinion!

***Omar Kelly did a good job responding (Click Here)***

Fins Up!

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