Still Cheating After All These Years!!!!

The Title Is A Take on the song by Paul Simon’s Still Crazy After All These Years

See Bill Belichick Fined

The New England Patriots have been docked two days of organized team activities after it was found the franchise violated offseason rules, according to ESPN. In addition to losing those OTA sessions, head coach Bill Belichick was reportedly also fined $50K.1

Seems without Brady and Cheating Belichick can’t win games, I suspect him to be on the “Hot Seat” this year and on paper his team seems to be a basement dweller in 2023 unless the Jets prove tobe who they are…. THE J-E-T-S (JETS! JETS! JETS!)

Other Belichick Cheating Scandles

EaglesGate in 2005: In a 2015 Outside the Lines report, ESPN reported that the Eagles were convinced the Patriots either stole their playbook or secretly videotaped their practices prior to winning Super Bowl XXXIX in Jacksonville. 

SpyGate in 2007: Belichick was fined $500,000, the largest amount ever for an NFL coach, and the Patriots were fined $250,000 and stripped of a first-round draft pick after being caught breaking NFL regulations and videotaping the Jets’ sideline during a game and presumably stealing signs and relaying the information onto the field. According to that ESPN report, the Patriots videotaped opposing coaches 40 times between 2000 and 2007.

DeflateGate in 2014: The Colts accused the Patriots of deflating footballs during the AFC Championship Game, Tom Brady eventually wound up suspended for the first four games of 2016, and the Patriots were stripped of another first-round pick.

HeadsetGate in 2015: The Steelers accused the Patriots of orchestrating the headset malfunction that led to Steelers coaches hearing a radio station in their headsets instead of being able to communicate with each other and their players.

PeytonGate in 2015: As first reported in 2015 by NBC Sports’ Peter King, then with Sports Illustrated, Peyton Manning was so suspicious of the Patriots bugging the visiting locker room when the Colts visited Gillette Stadium that he refused to talk strategy with any coaches or teammates while he was inside the locker room.

BengalsGate in 2019: Belichick has been accused of cheating so many times his scandals don’t even get nicknames anymore, but this was similar to Spygate, with the Patriots caught filming the Bengals’ sideline. They claimed it was an “oversight” and actually part of a show called “Do your Job.” Sure.

Sing along: “Still Cheating After All These Years … Oh, Still Cheating After All These Years!!!!

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