Dolphins Week One OTAs Notes

There are no OTA’s today they will return Thursday!

Yesterday was day two of OTA’s and little snippets have been released as to who is shining early, day two had the media available for practice and that allows for us fans to get the scoop so here are some notes: 

First notes from Omar Kelly who is welcomed back as a beat reporter for S/I now. To get the full story please click on Kelly’s Name 

  • Mike White’s arm wasn’t impressive

None of the quarterbacks stood out during Tuesday’s session, but White was the worst. Jevon Holland made the top play of practice, picking off a duck of a pass from Mike White, and running it back for a decent gain.

  • Sackfest for Dolphins Defense

Jaelan Phillips was a force, as usual. But Mitchell Agude (who I noticed more than I should for good things), Cameron Goode, Malik Reed, Aubrey Miller all produced would-be sacks.

  • Inside linebacker needs addressing

…that unit has me concerned. I bring up size because small players typically break down faster, especially at contact drive positions like linebacker.

Good thing Duke Riley is playing fast, and seemingly making plays (he was the orange jersey player from Monday’s session) because this team needs help at linebacker. 

  • Receiver Review Looks Promising

Not having Tyreek Hill during Tuesday’s practice meant a lot of the secondary receivers had a chance to have their package work elevated, and Erik Ezukanma was my top standout. 

Others made plays, particularly Braxton Berrios, who dropped into zones and was wide open on a number of receptions, but Ezukanma, the Dolphins’ 2022 fourth-round pick, was moving like an NFL starter…. He was FAST, and his routes were crisp. We saw these types of practices from him last training camp, before he pulled a disappearing act during season.

  • Speedy Tailback Spawns Creativity

De’Von Achane has some wheels on him. 

I knew the Dolphins’ third round pick was 40-time fast, but anytime the ball was in the Texas A&M standout’s hands the tiny tailback was gone, moving faster than his nearest defender. And it seemed effortless. 

Keep in mind I’ve covered fast players before, but the last Dolphins tailback who was this fast was Reggie Bush, who ran a 4.33 40-time in the draft process. Achane edges him out with a 4.32 time.

Omar Kelly can be a little pessimistic and critical especially when it comes to the O-Line and QB’s so take what he writes with a grain of salt.

Other Notes not from Kelly:

  • Defense seemed to be ahead of the offense which is typical early in camp.
  • Tua was sharp in camp (Great News)
  • Skylar Thompson seemed to play better than Mike White
  • “You see that?” Waddle said, laughing. “You see that. You see that.” talking about the weight he has put on this offseason they say he is bigger, faster and stronger!
  • Rookie CB Cam Smith also had a sold day or two at pratice.
  • Devon Achane added more weight he is now just under 200LBS
  • Vick Fangio reached out to Van Ginkel to re-sign rumor has it wilbegins new role
  • Austin Jackson Looks Lean (Omar Kelly Article)

There were four interviews from day two

The Drive Time by Travis Wingfield of the Miami Dolphins is also a good source of info on OTA’s


Fins Up!

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