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If you are a Dolphins fan and enjoy reading about our team from a fan perspective, then this is the place to get that with a hint of bias.  

I also have a history of this team in my archives from 2012 up to today so that you can look back on many topics about our Dolphins. From Bully Gate, My Take on Chad Henne (For those of you who knew me back then) Jeff Ireland and my past mock drafts and who would have been a Dolphins player back then. 

I have a series of articles that are my signature articles  

My feature articles are as follows: 

  • As The Seer Sees It 
  • A Blast From The Past 
  • The Dolphin Seer Rant 
  • Behind Enemy Lines 
  • The Dolphin Seer Stock Report 
  • Getting To Know Our Rookies 
  • Training Camp Battles 
  • The Dolphin Seer Weekly Match up 
  • The Dolphin Seer Weekly Predictions 
  • The Dolphin Seer Weekly Power Rankings 
  • The Dolphin Seer Fantasy Football League (started in 2012
  • Thinking Outside The Box (started in 2020
  • In The Spotlight! (Started 2021) 

As I am approaching 80 thousand hits, I am humbled that so many have visited my site since its inception in 2012 before this YOUTUBE explosion of Dolphin Content. 

To subscribe all you need to do is look on the right side of the main page and you will see the subscribe button and oval shaped button that says  

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Also please like my articles by grading them. Above each article under each title is 5 stars all you need to do is click on the star that best reflect how you feel about that topic with 1 being you hated it and 5 being you think I am a genius and you enjoyed it. 🙂 

Most of all I want to thank you all for your support and my only wish is that more of you would also take the time to leave a comment. 

Thank You All 


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