What Are OTA’s?

The Miami Dolphins along with 20 other teams will start OTA’s today and tomorrow other teams will follow. The Dolphins Schedule from today to training camp goes as follows. 

  • OTA Offseason Workouts: May 22-23, May 25, May 30-31, June 2 
  • Mandatory Minicamp: June 6-8 
  • Late July: Teams report for training camp
  • Last Year Rookies reported to traing camp on July 19th and veterans joinned them July 26th They had eight practice sessions that was open to the public, stretching out from July 30 all the way to August 25. 2022. (should be similar this year)

Some players do not attend OTA’s because they do not feel they need to especially veteran players it is more rare now days for players not to show up for NON-PAID OTA’S.

I decided to answer questions about OTA’s and what exactly happens during these activities. 

What does OTA stand for NFL? 

organized team activities 

NFL OTAs are organized team activities. They’re essentially a series of informal summer practices that take place for a few hours a day over several weeks, before training camp really heats up in August 

Do NFL players get paid during OTA? 

Strictly speaking, NFL players do not get paid for attending OTAs, or organized team activities. OTAs are technically optional to attend, so a salary is not awarded for attending. 

How long is OTA in NFL? 

about 10 days 

OTAs, or organized team activities, are generally held for about 10 days in the spring. A single OTA cannot be held for longer than six hours, and there are CBA limitations on what activities can and cannot be done. 

Are NFL OTAs voluntary? 

As per Article 21 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each club’s official, voluntary nine-week offseason program is conducted in three phases: Phase One consists of the first two weeks of the program with activities limited to meetings, strength and conditioning, and physical rehabilitation only. 

What do NFL teams do during OTAs? 

Organized team activities – OTAs – are scheduled to provide training, teaching and physical conditioning for players planned through three phases. Phase one through the first two weeks focuses on meetings, strength and conditioning and physical rehab. 

What is the difference between training camp and OTA? 

Generally, football OTA activities consist of meetings, drills and studying of films. Teams can conduct practice for six hours maximum but cannot keep players on the field for more than two hours. On the other hand, the NFL Training Camp refers to an intense series of workouts during the weeks leading to the preseason

Are OTAs open to the public? Can fans attend? 

No. OTAs are not open to the general public. 

The nice thing about OTA’s is it gives the players information about the systems the coaches are putting in place. Like for instance, DC Vick Fangio is new to the team and defensive players who want to learn his system should be present and available to learn as much as they can about his new defensive scheme.  

Another cool thing about OTA’s is building a bond within the team as new players to this roster rookies, FA’s and UDFA’s get to know their fellow teammates and build chemistry. The coaches also evaluate players, and a series of cuts are made to churn the bottom of the roster always looking to upgrade. 

Expect lots of photos to come from Dolphin’s camp as things start to heat up (figuratively/ literally) as they prepare for training camp! 

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