Miami Dolphins: Most Improved AFC Team This Off-Season!

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That is right I said it, and not only do I stand by this statement I will back it up with data and pure logic! (My Inner Spock) The Dolphins made the biggest upgrades to their team this past offseason and here is the proof: 

Let us start with our own division where Miami ended in 2nd place in 2022 with a 9-8 record. The Buffalo Billw won the division in 2022 with a 13-3 record (their week 17 game was cancelled) The Patriots ended up in third place with an 8-9 record and the Jets ended up in last place with an 7-10 

Buffalo lost a key defensive player, LB Tremaine Edmunds, to the Bears and mostly spent their offseason re-signing their players. I do not see a significant upgrade and being that Miami almost beat them in Buffalo in the playoffs last year with Skylar Thompson at QB and the fact that Miami split with Buffalo last year in the regular season and when I talk about the upgrades Miami made, I can say the Dolphins have potentially surpassed Buffalo. 

The Jets are overrated! Yes, I get it they have added Aaron Rodgers and that is an upgrade over anybody they had at the QB position last year. But some have them winning the division and even winning a SB? Really? The Jets were in last place in the AFC East at 7-10 and is it realistic to think that the Jets will take a 6-7 game leap because of Aaron Rodgers? 

 Rodger’s stats last year: 

  • 3,695 passing yards 11th 
  • 26 TD’s 7th 
  • 12 INT Tied-26th 
  • 39.3 QBR 26th 

The Packers ended up 8-9 and in third place in a division that is not even close to what the AFC East will be this year. Anything is possible, I just find it hard to believe that Rodgers will make that big a difference in New York. 

The Patriots have been in steady decline since Tom Brady parted ways with them. If there were any doubts about who really was the one that made the Patriots the dominating force, they were for 20 seasons they can now be laid to rest. 

Miami closed the gap vs the Bills in 2022 in Mike McDaniel’s first season with Tua, and Tua made huge strides and was statistically a top tier QB albeit with injuries. Miami added DC Vick Fangio who is considered one of the top defensive minds in the game and brought in top CB Jalen Ramsey. Those two additions alone are more than enough to put Miami as the team to win the division.

I also do not see any moves in the AFC by any team that trumps what the Dolphins have done to upgrade their roster and if they can stay healthy, the Dolphins should be a frontrunner to win the SB. 

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