Delvon Cook Could Put Miami’s Offense Over The Top!

I love the current RBs on Miami’s roster and I think they can do fine. So why do we need another veteran RB in the mix? Well, the answer is simple Cook is better than any RB on our roster and adding him could put Miami’s offense over the top, as well as proved a quality player in case of injury. 

Delvin Cook has run for over 1,100 the last four seasons for the Vikings, his career achievements listed below 

That is all you need to know as to why Miami SHOULD pursue him and pay him a fair market value if they cannot trade for him. Like I said in the beginning I love our RB’s, but they are GOOD not Elite RB’s. Cook was the sixth best rushing back in the NFL last year! 

Ideally trading for him is the best option because if he hits the open market his price will go up because teams will compete for his services. The only good thing is he has expressed an interest in playing for the Dolphins and with the warm weather, him playing at home, as well as NO STATE TAXES! There are plenty of incentives for him to land right here in Miami. 

Miami’s passing attack was 4th in the NFL last year. They passed for 4,765 yards. Contrast that with Miami’s rushing attack where they ranked 26th in the league with 1,686 rushing yards but the problem was more that Miami ranked 32nd in rushing attempts just 309 attempts! They should have been more like 450 attempts just to be 16th in russhing last year.

As the NFL season wears on, the teams that have a solid rushing attack do better in the winter conditions. As tempting as it is for Coach Mike McDaniel to pass to his two top WR’s adding Cook would almost force him to balance his run/pass calls because he will have just as an opponent running game with Cook, Mostert, Wilson JR & whoever they plan to use as RB 4/5. 

So, if there is any doubt that Miami should and will go after Delvin Cook hopefully this will ease your mind. 

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