Miami Cut 3 UDFA’s

After just 2 days of rookie training camp this past weekend the Dolphins cut 3 UDFA’s and all three were offensive linemen (Jarrett Horst, Alex Jensen and DJ Scaife Jr.) 

DJ Scaife Jr. was a former Hurricanes lineman who earned second-team All-ACC honors once and is now on the streets after just two days again.

DJ Scaife Jr. scouting report reads:

Scaife has spent his playing career at Miami bouncing between right guard and right tackle, but his size and skills fit better on the interior. He has below-average height and weight but helps his case with a decent arm and hand size. He is a good run blocker but subpar in pass protection. His stance is narrow and a lack of hip mobility seems to hinder his ability to kick out wide, however, has good foot quickness. He takes smaller steps to keep his feet underneath his shoulders but does well keeping his balance. His kick step does not gain much ground and his hands more often than not shoot for the outside of the rusher’s pads. He is usually seen with the highest hips on his offensive line at the snap and tends to stand up vertically because of it. However, when power run plays are called in his direction, he indicates this and seems more focused on proper stance and technique. He possesses subpar speed but does well to keep his head up for his next block. He does a great job getting up to the second level and blocking in space with average sustain and finishing ability. Does well when pulling, albeit from a limited sample size. When faced with more than one rusher, Scaife does well enough to get a hand on whoever is not picked up more often than not. He seems most comfortable at the guard position and whenever he can run into his blocks upfield.

The Dolphins have been criticized for their lack of addressing the O-Line this off-season it appears they need help, after just 2 days they cut 3 linemen they invited to their rookie minicamp? It just seems odd to say the least.

Is this a sign of potential problems with the O-line? 

Miami has been through controversies with coaches and players along the offensive line for years now and tensions are building up already about the offensive line and the perceived concerns that exist at the G and RT positions.  

GM Chris Grier said recently responding to questions about Miami’s O-line and TE position… “you are are probably more worried about offensive line and TE than we are”. Apr 29, 2023  

Hopefully, the Dolphins Coaches and Players will back up his confidence because the health of Tua is paramount to the team’s success this season.  Last year they won with him and lost without him in the starting lineup. After missing 5 games last season due to concussion issues in which Miami lost their final 3 games without him and lost to Buffalo in a close playoff game in Buffalo, a game they might have won had Tua been the starter.  

Miami’s season (despite all the upgrades they made this off-season) just might hinge on the Offensive line that many outside the Dolphins organization just do not share their same confidence.  

As always only time will tell…. 

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