Dolphins 2023 Rookie Mini-Camp Report Day 1

On Friday May 12th Miami had their first minicamp inviting the 4 drafted rookies as well as 21 UDA’s and a few others to camp. Here are some notes on the 4 Drafted rookies from this weekend. 

Drive Time: Rookie Minicamp Report


One of the best places (Other than here) to get Miami Dolphins positive information is from the Dolphins Media and one guy that is excellent at his job is Travis Wingfield of the Miami Dolphins. 

I listened to his podcast Drive Time with Travis Wingfield on his rookie report for a brief weekend of practice and below are my notes on what Travis said. I encourage you to listen just click on the link above. I also read information from the Olando Sentinel and Palm Beach Post and put together notes on our rookies after their first mini camp 

My Brief Notes: 

CB Cam Smith. 

  • Drafted in the 2nd Round – 51st Overall. Cam Smith looks tall, smooth, highly active and was always first up for drills– Drive Time Notes 
  • Is Smith glad that in his first time in a Dolphins uniform he won’t be asked to cover the likes of Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle? I wouldn’t shy away from that,” Smith said. “That would be a great first day.”– Palm Beach Post 
  • Smith is extremely confident. And athletic. And fast. What’s the source of that swag? 
  • “Just kind of out here,” Smith said, turning around to look at Miami’s practice field, which had a shadow cast by Hard Rock Stadium. “Practice field every day. When I’m out here by myself doing whatever, stuff like that just kind of gave me the edge. I know I put in the work. I know I did what I’m supposed to do to beat you.”– Palm Beach Post 
  • Coaches have said Smith can be “emotional” and even a “lightning-rod.” They have also noticed that he is very aggressive, which can lead to penalties. 
  • “I kind of try to stronghold people a lot to try to assert my dominance on people,” Smith conceded. “Sometimes that gets me in trouble but just kind of just playing in control. Playing within myself and not really trying to do too much and just trying to make the play.” – Palm Beach Post 
  • Smith is taking a simple approach to rookie minicamp. “Know all my plays,” Smith said. “No busts. No loafs. Stay in shape and run to the ball every single play.” – Palm Beach Post 
  • Smith has spent some time with star corner Xavien Howard. And he visited with Dolphins’ cornerbacks coach Sam Madison on video teleconference. “So I was already tuned up on the plays,” Smith said. “(Madison) was just giving me nuances to look at. The formations. I feel like I fell into the perfect spot right now.” – Palm Beach Post 
  • Smith will begin his training at outside corner but also figures to get some reps inside. As for off-the-field concerns, Smith is staying at an Airbnb but would like to look into some spots near the beach. “Yeah, I mess with the beach,” Smith said. “But I probably won’t mess with that price.” – Palm Beach Post 

RB Devon Achane 

  • Drafted in the 3rd Round – 84th Overall. Devon Achaian Not only is he fast, but he also catches the ball well Out of the backfield. Some say he looks like a wide receiver.   
  • The 5-foot-9 speedster has already added weight since the combine, weighing in at 192 pounds Friday morning after being listed at 188. He said he feels good running with the added lean muscle weight.-Orlando Sentinel 
  • Indeed, Achane can contribute in various ways. In addition to his 1,102 rushing yards in 2022 with the Aggies, 910 in 2021 and 17 touchdowns over those two seasons, he made 60 receptions for 457 yards and four more scores. He has also had a kick return touchdown in each of the past two seasons.-Orlando Sentinel 

TE Elijah Higgins.

  • Drafted in the 6th Round – 197th Overall. Elisha Higgins Is BIG! He has WR skills, but a TE Body and he sinks his hips on routes to di disguise his routes made a 20 yard run after a catch that was impressive. 
  • T Ryan Hayes. Drafted in the 7th Round – 238th Overall. Didn’t have much on him 

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Fins Up!

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