Miami Dolphins 2023 Schedule Good News!

Now that the full schedule is out, I want to talk about what is good about the Dolphins schedule. First off Miami will be featured in 5 prime time games 

  • Week 2 Sun., Sept. 17 @ Patriots 8:20 p.m
  • Week 7 Sun., Oct. 22 @ Eagles 8:20 p.m.* 
  • Week 9 @ Chiefs (Germany) 9:30 a.m. 
  • Week 12 Fri., Nov. 24 @ Jets (Black Friday) 
  • Week 14 Mon., Dec. 11 vs Titans 8:15 p.m.* 

That is good national exposure for our team. The second thing I like is that 4 out of the last 5 games of the season are home games. 

  • Week 14 Mon., Dec. 11 vs Titans 8:15 p.m.* 
  • Week 15 Sun., Dec. 17 vs Jets 1 p.m.* 
  • Week 16 Sun., Dec. 24 vs Dallas 4:25 p.m
  • Week 17 Sun., Dec. 31 @ Ravens 1 p.m.* 
  • Week 18 Jan. 6 or 7 vs Bills TBD 

I also love that our week 18 game vs Buffalo is in Miami, we do not have to go to Buffalo this winter. And we also play up in New England the 2nd game of the season so it is just the Jets on black Friday that we will have to play in winter conditions vs our division. Also we have a favorable BYE slot in week 10.

What do you like about the schedule? 

Let me know below! 

Fins Up!!! 

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