Miami Dolphins 2023 Primetime Games?

The NFL Schedule will be released this Thursday, one more of the many events the NFL has turned into a party! They just got through with the NFL draft and now they have monetized the release of their yearly schedules, and we cannot get enough of it! 

You know you are good when the NFL plans to schedule your team on Thursday, Sunday, Monday night or Thanksgiving, how about this year’s Black Friday game (Beginning of Friday Games), Christmas eve Sunday Night or the Christmas triple header for this year.  

Miami will be in a few of these games according to rumors and looking at the schedule it is obvious what games SHOULD be featured on one or multiple night or holiday games. 

Here are the games we can expect to land on one of these special nights. 

  • at Los Angeles Chargers 
  • at Kansas City Chiefs 
  • at Buffalo /vs Buffalo 
  • at Baltimore 
  • at Philadelphia Eagles 
  • at New York Jets /vs New York Jets  
  • vs Denver Broncos 
  • vs Las Vegas Raiders 
  • vs Tennesse Titans 
  • vs Dallas Cowboys 
  • vs New York Giants 

I do not see either games New England at/vs Miami in any primetime games unless they get flexed because the Patriots ball out this year. Do not hold your breath!  

I also left out the Washington Commanders and Carolina Panthers. So that’s 13 games that could easily be on primetime this upcoming season and Thursday we will find out how many.  

Stay Tuned, Fins Up! 

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