Miami Dolphins 2023 Schedule Leaked: Here it is!

As you might be aware the NFL will be releasing the 2023 NFL schedule this Thursday, May 11 at 8:00 PM ET on NFL Network,, the NFL app and NFL + even though some leaks will pop up before then. 

The schedule will have some notable changes, according to NBC Sports’ Peter King and ESPN’s Adam Schefter. There will be more flexibility in late afternoon games. For many years, AFC games have been on CBS and NFC games on Fox (for interconference games, the road team determined the network), but now networks with the late afternoon game can broadcast a game from either conference, King reported. That will lead to better matchups in the late slot.

There will be a “Black Friday” game the day after Thanksgiving for the first time, Schefter said. (See Yahoo Sports)

Just like everybody, minus a few exceptions we know who and where we are playing in this 2023 NFL season, we just don’t know when! Who do we face in the winter? When will we face the Jets? Will Miami be on prime time? Will the Media-loving Jets be on primetime more than our Dolphins? We will see Thursday Night!  

Here is how I would schedule Miami 

Season Opener: Possibility??? 

  • Opener Miami @ KC?… I would rather it be a later matchup on “Black Friday” or Christmas Day triple header?

  • Week 1 Miami @ The Jets, Buffalo or Patriots (Division Game)
  • Week 2 Miami @ Washington Commanders
  • Week 3 Miami vs New York Giants
  • Week 4 Miami vs Carolina Panthers
  • Week 5 Miami @ Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 6 Miami vs The Jets, Buffalo or Patriots (Division Game)
  • Week 7 Miami vs Tennesse Titans
  • Week 8 Miami @ Los Angeles Chargers
  • **********Week 9 Bye Week**********
  • Week 10 Miami vs Las Vegas Raiders
  • Week 11 Miami vs The Jets, Buffalo or Patriots (Division Game)
  • Week 12 Miami @ Kansas City Chiefs (Black Friday)
  • Week 13 Miami vs Denver Broncos
  • Week14 Miami @ The Jets, Buffalo or Patriots (Division Game)
  • Week 15 Miami @ Philadelphia Eagles
  • Week 16 Miami vs The Jets, Buffalo or Patriots (Division Game)
  • Week 17 Miami vs Dallas Cowboys
  • Week 18 Miami @ The Jets, Buffalo or Patriots (Division Game)

We are just a few hours away from the schedule being released and then all the season predictions will follow…. 🙂 

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