Time To Cut Ties?

In a crowded CB room and with his fifth-year option due is it time to cut ties with what is a confirmed BUST Noah Igbinoghene? This is the flaw in GM Chris Grier’s draft strategy of taking the best player available rather than position of need because had he drafted position of need back in 2020 when he took Igbinoghene and if he did not devalue the RB position, I had RB Jonathan Taylor as the player I would have drafted back then. 

Now to be fair Chris Grier has had way more hits than misses and the roster is loaded with picks he’s drafted over the last 3-4 years since Noah was drafted. 

It’s just time to admit the mistake and give Noah a new lease on life and decline his 5th year option (that would pay him $13.202 million), cut, or trade him, even if it is for a bag of Chips! 

2 thoughts on “Time To Cut Ties?”

  1. Iggy won’t make the cut. There’s far better on the roster at a lower cost.

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