Miami Dolphins 2023 Draft Grades (TDS)

I personally see no need for post draft Grades. Nobody really knows how these players will pan out. It takes years to see what teams got in the draft. But it is a yearly ritual, so I joined in.  

I will first show the various grades by the so-called experts and then I will give my input, even though in my “Getting To Know The Rookies” I grade the pick at the end. 

What Others Are Saying 

Much Thanks to SI’s Alain Poupart one of the best Dolphins beat writers who made my job easy as I used a lot from his article truly one of my favorite Dolphins beat reporters (Link To Allen) 

Yahoo Sports:

Overall Miami Dolphins grade: B 

There wasn’t much damage the Dolphins could do with four picks, having lost their first-rounder thanks to the NFL’s Tom Brady tampering investigation, but they did well with their limited resources. They found a potential starting cornerback by taking Cam Smith from South Carolina before adding to their group of lightning-fast playmakers with Devon Achane. The only other picks they had were at the end of the sixth and seventh rounds. Not too much to be upset about here considering how few picks they came into the draft with. 

The Sporting News (Vinnie Iyer): The Dolphins have Jalen Ramsey joining Xavien Howard at corner, so from that perspective, it’s an interesting depth move for their initial pick. But in terms of the player, Smith is a great value here because he’s another big, physical, aggressive corner in this class who should have gone much earlier. Grade: A (Chris Trapasso): This is a battle-tested, feisty, ballhawk who can man up on the perimeter. Athletic and strong. A bit surprised this was a CB given their depth there, but Smith is a stud. Grade: A- 

Pro Football Network (Oliver Hodgkinson): Despite the addition of Jalen Ramsey earlier in the offseason, there had been rumblings that the Dolphins would use their first selection of the 2023 NFL Draft on a cornerback. The selection of Cam Smith might appear to be a head-scratcher for some, but there’s a reason why he attracted early attention as a potential first-round pick. Smith plays with the physical swagger that you’d expect from a Gamecocks CB, typified by former South Carolina standout Jaycee Horn. Athleticism is the hallmark of Smith’s game, with explosion and speed weaponized by the fluidity that you need to play the position at a high level at the NFL level. Equally comfortable in coverage and playing the run, Smith is a sneaky good pick for the Dolphins despite potentially more important needs. Grade: B+ 

Allen list a few more but they all just about came up between A + B grades the worst grade was by Sports Illustrated who gave Miami a D+ and said it wwas due to Miami not having all therir picks…What? 

My Grade B

If you average my grades of each of the 4 players drafted, I averaged around a B to B+ grade so a solid B grade is what I would give Miami. But as I always say, this is really an incomplete grade for everybody that was drafted the past weekend because it is going to take 1-4 years to really get an idea of what they got in the draft. 

Fins Up! 

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  1. “I personally see no need for post draft Grades. Nobody really knows how these players will pan out. It takes years to see what teams got in the draft.” Exactly, I pay little to no attention at all to it.

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