Miami’s Dolphins 2023 Draft : How It Actually Played Out!

It was unfortunate that Miami was stripped of their first-round pick #20 because that hurt! As the saying goes there is no sense crying over spilt milk! I decided to look at what Could have been had we did not forfeit our pick. So, I chose a player who was available at Pick # 20 that we forfeited, I filled in the names of players we traded our picks for and if you look at the overall draft, we got a great deal. 

I started with our forfeited pick #20 and excluded the previous 19 picks because they were gone by the time we would have been on the clock. Here is how Miami’s draft could have gone I add Bradley Chubb who we gave up one of our two first round picks, in a trade last season just before the trade deadline. 

At pick #20 in the draft there began a run on WR’s, and I do not see Miami taking a WR in round one, so I looked at the other picks available and drafted not being a WR. here are the players that were drafted that have been taken by Miami had they had their pick.  

Now we have no clue how Miami laid out their “Big Board” but one of those players would have been our pick. Given that Miami took a CB in round 2 I decided to draft for us. (CB Deonte Banks, TE Dalton Kincaid, DT Mazi Smith, OT Anton Harrison, EDGE Myles Murphy, DT Bryan Bresee, Edge Nolan Smith, DE Felix Anudike-Uzomah) 

This is how things could have gone. 

  • # 21 TE Dalton Kincaid (Pick Forfeited) 
  • #29 Bradley Chubb (Miami traded this pick for Bradley Chubb) 
  • #51 CB Cam Smith 
  • #77 traded for CB Jalen Ramsey 
  • #84 RB Devon Achane 
  • #122 traded for WR Tyreek Hill*  
  • #155 traded for RB Jeff Wilson Jr.  
  • #178 traded for WR Tyreek Hill* 
  • #197 Elijah Higgins, WR, Stanford 
  • #238 Ryan Hayes OT, MICH 

That is the realistic way to look at this year’s draft and to have Bradley Chubb, Tyreek Hill, Jeff Wilson Jr, Jalen Ramsey on our roster was worth trading away the pick from a value standpoint and we Dol-fans should be incredibly happy that GM Chris Grier loaded this roster with veteran talent we have! 

Fins Up!

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