NFL Free Agency Part II Starts Now!

Just when you thought things were over, Part II of free agency is in effect, in the coming days teams will be looking to trade or part ways with veteran players as the younger cheaper players just drafted will fill their roster spots. 

There have been speculations of some veteran players being tied to the Dolphins. Miami has a roster that is loaded with talent on both sides of the ball, and they just need a few holes to fill. 

Some will always obsess on the O-Line and with no first-round picks as well as just 4 picks in total this year Miami might look to free agency to land a veteran O-Lineman one player that Miami did some homework on is Three-time Pro Bowl left tackle Taylor Lewan who is a free agent after being a cap casualty of the Titans. 

My concern is Lewan’s injury history we already have a LT Terron Armstead that has been battling injuries in his later years also Lewan said he was thinking of not playing again. I hope Miami stays clear of him because Lewan has had two ACL surgeries in three years, and he has only played in 20 games over the past three seasons.  

Another player that has been linked to Miami is Vikings Pro Bowl RB Dalvin Cook who is coming off his fourth straight Pro Bowl and rumor has it that he WANTS to come to Miami, and he controls where he is to be traded. Keep an eye on this situation even though Miami did draft an RB in the draft. Cook is worth bringing on this team that is trying to make a run for the Super Bowl. 

Look for the Vikings to try to trade him or just cut him because of his high cap hit. They will save money if they wait until June 1st. I do feel he will be a Dolphin player, it’s just a matter of time. 

Fins Up! 

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