Miami Selects A RB!

With the 84th pick in the 2023 NFL draft Miami selects RB Devon Achane from Texas A&M. This pick is more like it! He is a position of need, and he also brings more speed to the roster. He is extremely fast and can catch the ball.

My issue is much like the issues I had with Alabama RB Jahmyr Gibbs is their size, both 5′-9″. He is not a every down RB, but we do run by committee, and I am sure Mike McDaniel already has plans for our young Rookie RB. 

This offense is a track team full of football players, Achane ran track in high school and college, and he ran a 4.32 40 at the combine. This is the highest choice of an RB since 2016, I talked about that in my mock draft that I would not be surprised if Mike McDaniel had some influence in this pick.  

TE Darnell Washington Slides  

I am shocked that TE Darnell Washington is still on the board in the third round, but I looked up some information and here is the reason  

“Georgia standout tight end Darnell Washington, who excelled in games last season, has been pushed down on some #NFL teams’ draft boards due to a knee issue, per league sources. Unclear how far he falls from original grades, which were high,”   

He finally did get drafted by the Steelers with the 93rd pick. 

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