Miami Draft A CB?

With the 51st pick in the 2023 NFL draft Miami selects South Carolina Gamecocks CB Cam Smith. And yes, I HATE this pick. Nothing against the kid I am happy for him. But this team has 10 CB’s currently on their roster and 3 TE’s, the position I wanted Miami to take. 

In fact, the guy I wanted them to take TE Darnell Washington from Georgia was still available after a run on TE’s early in the 2nd round. So that tells me that there might be issues that teams are aware of in this kid. He will get drafted sometime today and I wonder where he will go. 

CB was a surprise pick when the team needed other positions like TE, RB, DT, OL, WR before taking a CB. 

I know after building up hope for a certain player and they get passed up you feel disappointed, and I can say I am extremely disappointed in this pick. But I will get over it. 

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