Miami Dolphins Great Draft News!!!

I am elated that the draft went the way it did yesterday. It was fun to see some of the trades made. I would have to say to me Houston stole the day, and the RB position has been restored as 2 RBs were drafted in the first round. 

I am on the side of drafting RB in the first and feel that people that fail to see the value of top RB’s are just misguided. Now drafting a Top RB should be done by teams that are loaded on offense and just need an RB to make that offense complete. I am not sure Atlanta is at that point. 

What excites me the most about yesterday’s draft is only one TE was taken in the first round and the TE position is considered one of the most talented in quite some time. 

The TE position is one of Miami’s biggest needs and the fact that just one was taken on day one assures that Miami will get an incredibly good TE, my fear is a run on TE’s will begin early in day two and my favorite player Darnell Washington might be gone before our pick. 

If you read my final mock draft, I think if Washington is the target for Miami that we would have to trade up to get him but that also is good news because Miami despite some silly rumors and a little teasing by Tyreek Hill who jokingly implied that Miami would trade up in round one.

He tweeted: 

“Fins who we picking tonight ?”…Tyreek Hill 

That did not happen as it should not have. Miami needs to start to preserve their picks moving forward.

Here is a list of the top TE’s in the draft and the only one drafted day 1 

  • Dalton Kincaid, Utah (Drafted by The Bills) * 
  • Michael Mayer, Notre Dame. 
  • Darnell Washington, Georgia. 
  • Sam LaPorta, Iowa. 
  • Luke Musgrave, Oregon State. 
  • Tucker Kraft, South Dakota State. 
  • Luke Schoonmaker, Michigan. 
  • Brenton Strange, Penn State. 

We are just hours away from day two of the 2023 NFL Draft and Miami will be on the clock with pick #51 will it even be a TE? Either way enjoy the process.

Fins Up! 

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