Should Miami Trade Up?

I been having this debate with myself (call me crazy) and I can see both sides of the issue as to whether Miami should trade up in the draft. I did write an article Miami Dolphins: Trade Up, Trade Down, or Stand Pat? in where I talked about the three options. 

As we get closer to Thursday, I still have a “Man Crush ” on one player who fits a need and the only player I will trade up for if I fear he would be off the board before our pick #51 and I reflected that in my Final Mock Draft

The problem I have is what compensation would we have to give up moving up because if it involves any 2024 picks, I am against it because the TE group in this year’s draft is deep enough that if the one, I want is not there it is still 3-4 others that can do the job. 

After the last 2 years of having just 4 draft picks it is time to think about the future and the young class that can help with the purge that will happen after the 2024 season. 

So, yes, they should trade up, if they can do it without giving up future picks a player swap or lower round pick to move up (not in round one) in round two a few spots.  

The good thing is we are now just 3 days away from the draft and the anticipation is just nerve-wracking but fun. 

Fins Up!

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