New York Jets Get Their Man

In what many of us knew was a forgone conclusion has finally happened. The Jets and Packers have made the trade! Here are the details of the trade: 

The Green Bay Packers and Jets had to agree to a trade, and that took some time. The wait is finally over and the inevitable happened: The Packers and Jets have agreed to a trade that will go down in NFL history, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports

Per the report, the Jets are sending the Packers the 13th (first round), 42nd (second round) and 207th (sixth round) overall picks in Thursday’s draft and a second-round pick in 2024 that will become a first-round pick in the event that Rodgers plays 65 percent of Jets offensive snaps next season. 

The Jets received the No. 15 pick (first round) and 170th pick (fifth round) in Thursday’s draft in addition to Rodgers. This is a trade that allows both teams to feel good about the trade a win/win. 

This move gives the Jets the best QB in our division and with their young talented defense it puts the Jets into contention for the AFC East (BEAST) title as now they have a legitimate chance to beat any team. 

Time will tell but the AFC East has just gotten much stronger. Kudos to the Jets! 

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