Tom Brady To The Rescue (Update)

Tom Brady To The Rescue? was an article I wrote back in March; in it I was saying that twice retired QB Tom Brady (who now lives in Miami) with rumors swirling around that he might not be totally done with football despite re-retiring, might be the best answer if Tua should go down again. Brady should be like an In Case of Emergency brake this galssoption. 

In that article I wrote:  

Ok, just hear me out on this. I am not advocating that anybody replaces Tua, no Jackson, Watson, Garoppolo or any other name some wants to insert in place of Tua. I feel a healthy Tua is a top 10 if not top 5 QB in the NFL so I see no need to trade or give away a young 25-year-old franchise QB. Unless we get two first round picks and more! I also hope that he remains healthy and plays all 17 games in 2023.  

I stand by what I wrote back then, I believe that Tua is truly the best QB for this system that Mike McDaniel has implemented in the NFL, period! I would take him over any other QB retired or currently playing. 

It is also my hope that Tua plays all 17 games of the 2023 season and his off-season strengthening and training programs like taking Jiu-Jitsu to learn how to deal with hits and falling properly, adding muscle and neck strengthening exercises when looking at him today it shows he has done everything he can to prepare to stay healthy throughout the 2023 season. He has a thicker body and his thighs and neck are huge! 

But if we are to be honest despite all of his improvements this off-season there are still legitimate concerns going into the 2023 season about the health of Tua who has suffered injuries throughout his career (both in College and the NFL). Tua’s durability and long term health has come into question after suffering multiple concussions last season. 

Tua’s admission a few days ago that he did contemplate retiring last year just goes to show how truly fragile his situation really is. It is only natural to have a just in case / backup plan if Tua suffers just ONE concussion this upcoming season.  

Now this is no slight on backup QB Mike White or hopefully our long-term backup Skylar Thompson, but they are not like Tua and if I had to choose late in the season (if Tua goes down again) between White, Thompson or Brady who I think would take the Dolphins far into the playoffs, I would choose Tom Brady! 

Brady to Miami rumors just won’t die! 

If you are paying attention to the news lately then you are aware that Tom Brady was asked yesterday about possibly unretiring again and joining the Dolphins, his answer was very vague as he side-stepped the question and said, “I do have some friends on the Dolphins I really like.” but he never said no! 

So, the internet world and sports talk shows are all over the lack of a definitive answer by Tom Brady whether in jest or for real Brady left it that way on purpose. 

The ideal situation for the 2023 Miami Dolphins season is that Tua stays healthy throughout and plays to the level he did last year and if the Dolphins defense under Vick Fangio with all that talent lives up to expectations (unlike last year). Miami should have a top 10 offense and a top 10 Defense. That would make them not just an AFC East division contender but also a SB contender. 

But if our QB should falter, Tom Brady would be the best option to take this team through the finish line as our In Case of Emergencyoption.

What do you think?

Fins Up!

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