Miami Dolphins 2023 Mock Draft  Final Version (TDS)

I have finally worked my way down to who I feel Miami should target in the upcoming 2023 NFL draft just days away. After much research and thought and going against GM Chris Griers draft stratigy this draft will be about spacific team needs rather than the best player on the board.

I also suggest that Miami consider trading up from pick #51and target the one must get player for our Dolphins in the draft.

Here we go!

Miami Dolphins Team Needs TE, OT, DT, RB, IDL, CB, S, WR,  

Miami has 4 picks in this upcoming draft (Round 2, Pick 51, Round 3, Pick 84, Round 6, Pick 197, Round 7, Pick 238)   

  • Round 2 Pick # 51  Darnell Washington, Tight End, Georgia

Propose Trade up

Miami will most likely have to trade up to get the player I would target, Washington is a perfect fit and top team need. I see a trade hapening, the question is with who and what will we have to give up? Because Washington will most likely be gone by the time Miami picks at #51.

I would start looking at the teams that have the top picks in the 2nd round like Pittsburg at pick #32 who has 2 picks in the second round, and keep ringing the phone of teams next in line like Houston at 33 ect ect. until we get our man.

Washington is a big target that can be a good redzone threat and check down player. At 6′-7″ 264 LBS he can provide matchup problems with LB’s, he can also block better than the departed Mike Gesicki. 

Partial Scouting Report (Click Here for full scouting report


  • Massive frame and shredded physique. 
  • Mismatches linebackers at the point of attack. 
  • Pure power to torque and displace defender. 
  • Creates considerable advantage near goal line. 
  • Size requires careful coverage consideration. 
  • Able to adjust to off-target throws and catch in congestion. 


  • Footwork into block fits needs work. 
  • Gets into blocks with wide hands. 
  • Waist-bender and head-ducker at point of attack. 
  • Angles to second level lack accuracy. 
  • Stiff-kneed, limiting speed to attack seam. 
  • Unable to sink and break off routes underneath. 

Sources Tell Us 

“He creates so many advantages in the run game because of his size and strength, but I think the same is true in the passing game when they utilize him.” — Area scout for NFC team 

  •  Round 3 Pick # 84  Byron Young DT Alabama 

Young can be a replacement for the loss of John Jenkins who we lost in free agency and our DL rotation could use some young talent in the mix. Also, Raekwon Davis has been a solid player but not as dominant as one would think, and he too might be lost to free agency next year or traded in the near future.

Partial Scouting Report 


  • High-motor player who can move the pocket with bull rush when he stays low; if he can’t get to QB will consistently get hands up 
  • If he doesn’t win early in rep, can find ways to disengage quickly, get in position to make tackle in run game 
  • Stout in 1-vs-1 vs. interior OL in passpro; won’t necessarily win with athleticism or twitch but strong, low center of gravity, and uses hands well 
  • Shows ability to disengage quickly vs. run 
  • Surprising quickness plus bend plus hand usage when rushing as 5-technique 
  • Consistently quicker than he looks off the snap — and that quickness seems to surprise interior OL 
  • Heavy hands allows him to control OT at snap in passpro; some of best hands in class 


  • Can lose leverage when he gets to upright and allows OT to get under pads; can be moved off spot 
  • Can struggle to stand up to double teams 

Round 6 Pick # 197 

  • Kendre Miller, RB, TCU 

Here is another player that might be off the board a few picks earlier but if he is on the board, I find good value to take Miller, I had considered Alabama RB Jahmyr Gibbs a round earlier, but I have problems with his 5′ 9″ frame and feel Miller has more of the body style for the NFL. not to say 5′-9″ RBs can’t succeed I just prefer my RBs bigger. 

Even though Miami has 4 RBs on the roster only two were given two-year contracts Mostert and Wilson Jr. so Miller could find himself on Miami’s roster splitting time with either Gaskins or Ahmad while one will be gone. 

Partial Scouting Report 


  • Gets up to speed quickly 
  • Not afraid to take on contact 
  • Good vision, does a good job working through traffic 
  • Good top-end speed 


  • Cuts are less crisp as a result of a little forward lean 
  • Runs high at times 
  • Averages one fumble every 90.25 carries 
  • Converted just 56.3% of third downs into first downs in 2022 

Round 7 Pick # 238 

  • Mark Evans II, OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 

You can never have enough O-Linemen competing for a job and even though I do not have the anxiety that many of my fellow Dolphin’s fans have about Austan Jackson or Liam Eichenberg (I honestly trust Miami’s coaches on that matter) still injuries can derail our O-line. I also feel that we can address a lineman after the draft as teams might cut a veteran player after they draft a young lineman early in the draft. 

Partial Scouting Report 


  • Consistently takes the fight to defender through the whistle. 
  • Fits into blocks with a forceful thud. 
  • Strong desire to move defenders with effort and leg drive. 
  • Big hands lock into opponent’s pads. 
  • Keeps feet sliding with rusher around the arc. 
  • Able to get into space and help in the screen game. 


  • Below average NFL size and mass. 
  • Must learn to play lower and with better leverage. 
  • Hand usage and placement are sloppy in the run game. 
  • Lacking desired body control and reactive agility. 
  • Gets knocked back and out of position against power rushers. 
  • Will need to play with more consistent inside hands. 

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