Trolling The NY Jets!

Nobody more than me would love for the Aaron Rodgers standoff to blow up in the Jets face! They have the opportunity to land a top 10 veteran QB who would arguably be the best QB in our division (AFC EAST) and here they are playing chicken with the Packers over a first-round pick!? Really!!! 

While the Jets are busy being the Jets, keep this fact in mind...The New York Jets haven’t made the playoffs in 12 years, which was already the longest playoff drought in the NFL. Thanks to the Sacramento Kings clinching an NBA playoff berth Wednesday night, the Jets officially have the longest playoff drought in all of North American professional sports. Mar 30, 2023 

They are under some FALSE ASSUMPTION that they have the advantage over Green Bay I just do not agree and now there is news surfacing that the San Francisco 49ers was talking about trading QB Trey Lance at the Scouting Combine. 

If they trade Trey Lance, then who do you think they will target as his replacement? Yes, Aaron Rodgers!!! 

Let’s be honest, where do you think Aaron Rodgers who is a West Coast guy would rather play than “Intend to Play” the Jets or the 49ers? If the Jets lose out on Rodgers, they better be ready for a backlash from a fanbase that has been deprived of a playoff far too long. 

1 thought on “Trolling The NY Jets!”

  1. I think the jets failing to get the deal done would be more satisfying than Aaron flopping as a jet Farve style.

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