Calling Out: Chat Sports “Willy Fins”

One thing that really irks me is when fans (real or pretend) think they know more than the professional coaches that work with the players ONE ON ONE! It is like an eco-chamber now days with so many fans who have become experts in the back seat! 

I’ve looked in on Chat Sports ever since it began and they went through two guys before they landed with the current Dolphins host “Willy Fins” he is by far the best host of the three it started with Mitchell Renz who I liked, the second guy I don’t recall because he was so boring and then they brought “Willy Fins” who is very entertaining. 

The problem with him, dougliedowrong and TD Fins all of whom have some of the biggest followers is that they tend to think they know more than the coaches on the team. 

Specifically, I am talking about today’s announcement by GM Chris Grier that much maligned RT Austin Jackson is Miami’s starting RT. That has been a hot topic by the fans, and they have beaten it into the ground. (See Is Auston Jackson A Bust?) 

For some reason they feel they know more than the coaches and continue to harp on the fact that THEY FEEL Austin Jackson is not a starting caliber RT. 

“Willy Fins” spent all last season harping on the fact that Miami made pro bowl guard Connor Williams the starting center for the team. Because he knew better, and this was a big mistake he said! As Connor was adjusting to the new position, he would occasionally snap the ball high and missed an assignment or two but that suddenly went away during the season as Williams played better than some expected, in fact PFF ranked Connor Williams as the 5th best center in all football last year in October. 

So why should you listen to a fake Dolphins fan whose main objective is to fleece the flock with daily videos to hit the fans up for donations? Listen I have no problem with the fans who enjoy the various YouTube entertainers who make good money off the fans…. (I am looking to start my own You Tube site in the future) 

But enough with thinking that they know better than the coaches who are hired with their careers/job is on the line to get things right. I for one think it is the best move to continue to work with Austin Jackson and with some stability at the coaching position who knows how good Austin will be? The coaches are banking on him being good, and I will side with them. 

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