Will RB Delvin Cook Soon Be A Dolphin?

It is just a matter of time as the relationship between the Vikings and RB Delvin Cook deteriorates. The Vikings are shopping star RB Delvin Cook and not have great success likely due to their asking price. As the NFL draft gets closer the Vikings options get weaker including outright cutting Cook.  

Once again, it is about location as the Vikings have shopped Delvin to Buffalo, Chicago, and Miami. Ask yourself who do you think Delvin Cook wants to play for out of those three teams?  

Players have way more leverage to dictate where they want to play and can inform their team they are playing for of their favorite destination and of course the hometown star RB would choose Miami as the place he wants to play. The Vikings would need Cook to agree to restructure his contract to Facilite a trade and that gives Cook the leverage to call his shots as to what team he wants to be traded to. (Using my homer logic) 

Reading between the lines I would be shocked if Miami does not land Delvin Cook as the latest move swinging for the fence in a run for a Superbowl title.  

Stay Tuned  

Fins Up! 

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