Chris Grier Get’s No Respect!

In an over analyzation of everything NFL each year somebody puts together a list of the top GM’s/front offices in the NFL last year one clueless reporter had our GM Chris Grier ranked 20th and Bill Belichick 10th? Really!!! This guy must have confused their coaching records.  

Love him, hate him or the real reason might be envy? Either way Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier has been with the Dolphins since 2000 that’s 23 years! How has he been able to survive on one team for 23 years? He is good!  

The one thing Dolphins owner has gotten right is his Choice for GM and sticking behind his decision to keep Chris Grier despite many fans and media folks wanting Grier fired years ago, with the attitude to throw out everything when firing coaches some feel the GM should go to.  

Now that Miami has one of the most talented teams in the NFL you would think Miami’s GM would get some love from the fans and the media, but NO! I have my reasons why and have expressed it some time back so I will just move on.  

On paper this is a SB contending team and my fellow Dolphins fans have every right to be excited about the 2023 season starting soon. I once again will remind you who are still haters of our GM of what he has done for this team over the last 3 years. He built this team the right way.  

Let’s start from that 2020 NFL draft that I say is 100% owned by Grier:  

2020 NFL Draft picks:  

7 picks in the 2020 draft have worked out and are starters or major contributors for the Dolphins now!  

2021 NFL Draft picks  

  • Round 1 (No.6): Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama. (Starting WR)  
  • Round 1 (No. 18): Jaelan Phillips, DE, Miami. (Starting DE/LB)  
  • Round 2 (No. 36): Jevon Holland, S, Oregon. (Starting Free Safety)  
  • Round 2 (No. 42): Liam Eichenberg, OT, Notre Dame. (Starting LG)  

In his 2020 and 2021 Drafts he has landed 11 starters or MAJOR contributors to this roster and supplemented them with top tier free agent talent.  

Grier was also here when we drafted  

Players drafted by Grier that are top players on other teams in the NFL  

  • Laremy Tunsil  
  • Minkah Fitzpatrick  

Undrafted Players that have worked out or has potential  

Current FA’s and players traded for that have worked out  

FA’s added this year  

That is 40 players that GM Chris Grier has his hands all over in shaping this roster in just 3 years into a playoff if not SB contender! And they have him ranked 15th in a recent article on GM’s SMH!!! 

I am incredibly happy with Grier. Yes, I have a few complaints but who can truly argue that on paper this Dolphins roster is stacked ON BOTH SIDES of the ball! Much Respect GM Chris Grier I deeply appreciate your services to this team.  

Fins Up! 

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