Noah Igbinoghene’s Last Dance?

He was drafted in 2020 in a draft class that was supposed to be the foundation of the future, that was the first year Miami’s GM Chris Grier flew solo having attained 3 first round picks and Dolfan Nation looking on. 

The BIG FISH for Miami was drafting QB Tua Tagovailoa a move widely approved at the time by just about every Dolphin Fan some taking to twitter and YouTube showing their approval. The first two years of Tua’s career were underwhelming, leaving some to question whether he was the right pick. Some even to this day feel Miami should have drafted Justin Herbert who broke out the gate his rookie season winning the 2020 offensive rookie of the year honors. 

This past season has ended the doubt about Tua and if he remains healthy, he has top 10 potential, maybe even top 5! 

The 2nd pick was OT Austin Jackson who has had a below average career so far, many want Miami to replace him at RT or at least draft more competition and or add a veteran FA to compete for his job. Apparently, the Dolphins coaches do not have the concerns the fans have about Austin Jackson, and this is the year he needs to quiet his doubters like Tua did last year. 

The third pick that year was a shocker. He was not on my radar, and he was not a position of need that year and I did not approve of the pick at that time and Noah has done nothing to prove me wrong. By now he should be in position to challenge X for a starting job, but he is nowhere close to doing that. 

He has been on a defense that has had quality coaching since he was drafted Brian Flores was the head coach when he was drafted and last year Josh Boyer brought in Dolphin legend Sam Madison to coach the CB’s and Noah has gotten better but he is nowhere near where he should be, Pushing or replacing X for his Job! 

With Vick Fangio now taking over as Miami’s DC, he is a well-respected Defensive mind and now Noah should be on his last leg IF he is not traded. He has run out of time and needs to prove he was worthy of a first-round pick, a pick I felt Dolphins GM Chris Grier should never have made I wanted Wisconsin RB Johnathan Taylor who was drafted by the Colts that year. 

I still am having nightmares from that pick; I do not feel Noah will ever get it and was a wasted pick of a draft class that is still full of question marks. 

1 thought on “Noah Igbinoghene’s Last Dance?”

  1. Yeah, he’s going to have to step up big this year or he’ll never survive next years cuts

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