Miami Dolphins: Trade Up, Trade Down, or Stand Pat?

We love to speculate about the draft, so many options with so few picks can lead to moves being made in the upcoming draft. This article will explore each option and I will make a comment on my favorite option at the end and invite you to comment on your favorite option in the comment section. 

Trade Up 

Miami, having just 4 picks (none in the first round) would have to give up picks this year and probably next year to move up in the first round. I would think if they traded up in round one it would be for a player, they feel can add so much value on either side of the ball.  

Looking at first round prospects I see only one player if he were to slip to the later part of round one that I would make a move to get and that would be Texas RB Bijan Robinson he would be an incredibly good addition to our team, and I would give up our 2nd this year and next to get Robinson. 

I see no other player worth trading up into round one to get so this option gets a 20% chance of happening. 

Stand Pat 

This is my 2nd best option because I do not like trading up. I want Miami to have all their picks available moving forward these next two years heading into the 2025 season where Miami’s day of reckoning will come after swinging for the fence this season. I like this option better than trading up unless we get a special player by trading up. 

This option gets a 50% chance of happening. 

Trade Down 

With just 4 picks it makes sense that trading down just might be the best option of the 3, that way we are not sacrificing future picks but getting more picks. It is often said the best value in the draft is the middle rounds 4-6 and considering how so many first-round picks do not pan out I like this option; players are also cheaper and can be groomed for the 2025 season where it seems like Miami’s time will be up to win a SB before thebilis due ad Miami might have to rebuild.

Miami’s current roster is loaded with expensive players and adding lower round picks as well as undrafted free agents is the way to offset the price of a top roster. 

This year’s draft will be players that both Vick Fangio and Mike McDaniel will be looking to groom for the next 2-3 years with the hope that they will be the next Dolphin star players. 

I suspect I would have no problem anyway Dolphins management will handle the draft but as I noted I prefer we do not trade up and give up future picks, it is time to keep our picks after two years of just having 4 draft picks, it would be nice to have 7 or more again starting in next year’s draft. 

This option gets a 30% chance of happening. 

What are your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Miami Dolphins: Trade Up, Trade Down, or Stand Pat?”

  1. With this team’s roster being loaded and deep Quality is more important than quantity

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