The Jets Are Really Stupid!

I want to start off by saying this IS NOT an attack on the Jets fans because fans always for the most part will side with the team. That’s what we fans do!

I know I am a Dolphins fan and this article will be looked at by many as me being a Hater but I am dumfounded at the stupidity of not only the Jets and their owner but also media personalities like Rich Eisen, Mike Florio, Mike Greenberg and other MEDIA JETS FANS who are so bias and lack objectivity because no matter how stupid the teams stance is on the Aaron Rodgers saga they side with the team? Really!!! 

So here is the situation as I understand it listening to Rich Eisen’s latest comments on his show about the trade hangup. Apparently, the Jets had a deal on the table to trade with the Packers a third-round pick in 2023 and a guaranteed first round pick in 2024 according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo sports. The Packers were agreeable to the deal. 

After Aaron Roders went on his darkness retreat he came out on the Pat McAfee Show and said he was 90% sure he would retire before his retreat, but after coming out of his retreat and finding out the Packers was shopping him and that they are ready to move on from Rodgers, then he expressed an interest in playing for the Jets in a weird statement “it’s been his “intention” to play for the New York Jets”.  

Well Jets owner Woody Johnson was spooked by Roders saying going into the retreat he was 90% sure he was going to retire, but he came out ready to play for the Jets. So now the Jets have reneged on the initial offer because they are not sure that Rodgers might retire after one season. 

Here is where I have an issue with the Jets and their fans including the media ones. They all were jumping up and down and yelling they are going to the SB when Rodgers play for them this year. So, I ask is not a trip to the Super Bowl (THIS YEAR) worth a first-round pick if not more? Is Aaron Rodgers not a legitimate top 10 QB compared to what they currently have? Yet they want assurances that if Roders does not play but one season that they do not give up a first round pick this year or next year. Sorry IT DON” T WORK THATT WAY. As is should be the deal!!! 

So, they say Rodgers will get them to the SB this year, but he is not worth a first and third round pick? Now they are stuck in a game of Chicken where they both feel they have the upper hand. 

I do not get the Jets trying to Low Ball the Packers and thinking they have the upper hand. If I were the Packers, I would take Rodgers off the table for them and maybe there is a dark horse lurking within our own division? Could the Patriots be prepared to go after Rodgers? That would be an interesting plot…. 

All I know is that the Jets are stupid and should have made that trade ASAP and now the uncertainty looming over this deal is “Get Your Popcorn” type stuff.  

I will now get back into my lane…  

Fins Up!!

2 thoughts on “The Jets Are Really Stupid!”

  1. I’ve heard rumors that the Pat’s are looking to move on from Mac Jones, so your idea may hold water. However the Jets “are” where Green Bay QBs go to die.

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