Dolphins Lost Free Agents: Who will you miss the most?

Miami so far has lost 7 players from last year to free agency 

  • WR Trent Sherfield, Buffalo 
  • TE Mike Gesicki, New England 
  • OL Michael Deiter, Houston 
  • DT John Jenkins, Las Vegas 
  • LB Elandon Roberts, Pittsburgh 
  • DB Eric Rowe, Carolina 
  • P Thomas Morstead, N.Y. Jets 

Who if any are you sad to see move on? Some consider players who went to division rivals as traders but realistically they have a job to do and whoever pays them will garner their services. 

I am sure some will say TE Mike Gesicki but the truth is he just did not fit the new scheme and I am happy he has found a home even if it is with the stinking Pats 🙂 

I will miss two of them, Elandon Roberts and Eric Rowe. 

How about you? 

1 thought on “Dolphins Lost Free Agents: Who will you miss the most?”

  1. As a fan, it’s Gesicki. From a practical standpoint, it’s Sherfield (although Berrios should easily fill that hole). Rowes best days are behind him, so I say Roberts or Morstead.

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