“Tua Sides” to this Story

He is arguably the most polarizing player in the NFL, he holds a job that is the envy of quite a few QB’s, Deshawn Watson, Tom Brady, Lamar Jackson and even Aaron Rodgers all have shown some interest in taking Tua’s job. Before last season there was a legitimate chance that Miami was in the market for an upgrade at the QB position and only two men were fully in Tua’s corner. Dolphins GM Chris Grier and new HC Mike McDaniel. 

GM Chris Grier drafted Tua with the 6th pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, so he has a lot invested in our young QB and many are quick to want to blame our GM for anything that goes wrong and now that the 2020 draft is looking more like a successful one if it just meant we landed our franchise QB for years to come. 

HC Mike McDaniel came to Miami promising Tua that he will help him reach his TRUE potential and Tua’s numbers back it up despite the injuries he suffered last year. 

So why is it that despite the two men who supports Tua and said all along that Tua is our QB, why was there still rumors that Brady, Rodgers and Lamar are still potential options as Tua’s replacement? 

I have said it many times before and I will once again REPEAT it.  

((((((CLICK BAIT!!!))))) 

Yes, click bait is the reason many of these folks are still spreading false rumors about Miami’s most coveted position and their aim is to get a rise out of a large population of Dolphins fans who are extreme fanatics! They will jump on and attack anybody who is not in line 100% with Tua they are called “TuAnon” fans, and they are defined as: 

“Fans of the Miami Dolphins are going to great lengths to prove Tua Tagovailoa is an elite quarterback. One social media user has created the “TuAnon” fan base on Twitter. The purpose of TuAnon is to hilariously expose the negative takes from national media pundits about Tagovailoa.” 

YouTube pays good money to bloggers who get hits or reads and when you click in to view these pundits and then start chatting to either support or defend an opinion each time you view a site, they get hits and you tube pays those sites money for the ads that run each time you click on their site. 

So, knowing how fanatical the “TuAnon” fans are, they purposely say misleading things or speculations that will get you to click on their videos and then they not only pissed you off, but you are rewarding them when you fall for the click bait. You tube has gotten so bad that many of the titles are blatantly false and they even use photos of people that are not even in the video to get you to click on their crappy videos. 

I am not a fanatical Dolphin fan, but I do like Tua and feel he is the right man for the job in Miami because he fits Mike McDaniel’s system perfectly and I too am hoping that Tua have a healthy successful concussion free season and continue to quite the doubters! 

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