Good Bye Mike Gesicki

The one thing that often happens when you get a change in coaching is players on the roster sometimes just do not fit in with the new regime. Mike Gesicki was drafted by Miami and instantly became a fan favorite. As for me, he is one of my favorite players too. 

Gesicki never complained and did as best he could to try and fit the new system, but it was not a good match, and we knew that Miami was not going to pony up another 10 million dollars for his services. 

Unfortunately, he lands with the Patriots a division rival and I am ok with that because I wish him much success (Minus playing the Dolphins) as he deserves it. 

He signed a one-year deal for 9 million dollars so he was able to cash in for a second straight season and Iam sure if he balls out for the Patriots, he will get an extension. 

God Speed Mike Gesicki, I wish you all the best! 

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