Tom Brady To The Rescue?

Ok, just hear me out on this. I am not advocating that anybody replaces Tua, no Jackson, Watson, Garoppolo or any other name some wants to insert in place of Tua. I feel a healthy Tua is a top 10 if not top 5 QB in the NFL so I see no need to trade or give away a young 25-year-old franchise QB. Unless we get two first round picks and more! I also hope that he remains healthy and plays all 17 games in 2023. 


Let us say Tua unfortunately does goes down with another concussion, just one next year can you imagine the firestorm that would be? Many already feel he should retire after the two (maybe 3) concussions he suffered last season. 

This Dolphins team is ready to win it all now! So, what is the harm of making Tom Brady a “In Case of an Emergency” option? I feel if Tua should go down like last year just think if we did have the G.O.A.T to back him up last season? Miami would have gone far into the playoffs, don’t you agree? 

We almost beat Buffalo with Skylar Thompson in the playoffs! Had Brady been behind center we would have beaten Buffalo and now that our Defense will most likely live up to its potential Miami is prime for a… (Dare I Say it?) SUPER BOWL RUN!!! I want that for our owner and the fans because even though Mr. Ross has bumbled and stumbled trying to build a championship team in Miami his heart is in the right place, and he has never held back his checkbook to pay what was asked of him to help the team! 

So, I have no problem saying Miami should have that red button and the little hammer to break open the glass and draw upon Brady IN CASE OF AN EMAEGENCY! 

What do you think? 

2 thoughts on “Tom Brady To The Rescue?”

  1. I’m not saying he should be a back up what I’m saying is if Tua goes down sometime next year, Brady should be on the hotline…..

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