It’s Time To Get Off The Fence!

It happens every off season with our Dolphins and since Tua has been here it has been taken to another level. There is no other more polarizing player in the NFL today than Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa. Why is that the case?  

It started when Miami (with the 5th pick in the 2020 NFL draft) took Tua Tagovailoa. Miami was rumored to be tanking for Tua the previous season, and to many it was not a surprise that Miami drafted Tua, the consensus 2nd rated QB by most draft pundits at that time. 

The Chargers, with the very next pick chose Justin Herbert who ended up having an excellent rookie season, winning offensive rookie of the year. Meanwhile Tua was struggling behind a veteran QB and a head coach that we later learned was behind trying to trade Tua for Watson and an owner who was doing a little QB shopping himself. The Deshawn Watson deal was so close to getting done until Dolphins Owner backed out at the last minute. 

Tua and Brian Flores were not a good fit, and I am sure he was not sad to see Miami fire Brian Flores after the 2021 season. Miami then brought in an offensive minded savant Mike McDaniel with the hope that he could change Tua’s fortunes. I recall the plane ride and call McDaniel made to his young QB and he exuded a positive message to Tua and began the work of rebuilding this talented young man’s confidence! 

Miami also provided weapons by means of the draft and free agency and for the first time since the Marino era Miami sported a top offense in the league, they were as high as 2nd in offense at one time last season. They ended up 6th despite them losing Tua to injuries (Concussions) as he missed 6 games. He still led the league in passer ratings and shut the mouths of many who questioned his arm strength and is loved by his teammates! 

We have a 25-year-old QB who proved he can hang with the best and is at the very least when healthy a top 10 QB! So why are my fellow Dolphins fans being fooled by the money hungry click bait folks out there throwing a bunch of garbage out there that Miami should be looking to replace Tua? 

I get the click bait folks like Mike Florio and Chris Simms who will not let a week go by without writing something about Tua to stoke the so called Tua-non base that will go after them for their unfair and unbalanced take on Tua. That is why they are stoking you because you inadvertently are adding to their bottom line! 

I am so disappointed in some of my fellow Dolphin’s fans who are also leery about our young FRANCHISE QB who is not even in his prime! What is the difference between Tua and other top QB’s in the league? Stability and support or the lack of in Miami before last year. 

Tua has not had the same Head Coach, O-Line coach, Offensive Coordinator since being drafted! Patrick Mahomes had the same HC and OC all his NFL career, losing his OC this year despite Andy Reed calling the plays, Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow have also been the same system since being drafted! 

Tua had to go through so much BS since he was Drafted by Miami and still, he dealt with it with class! Now that he will be going into his 2nd season knowing he has Mike McDaniel as his coach I expect a jump in his numbers and with offseason training and work I expect Tua to play a full season. 

If that happens our team will go far in the playoffs and might just challenge for the division in 2023. 

So, get off the fence and support our young franchise QB who is a top 10 QB in the NFL and will probably be a top 5 QB soon! 

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