Putting On My GM Hat Part II

In part 1, I went over Miami’s current 32 players headed for free agency and what I would do as Miami’s GM. If you have not read it, I encourage you to look it over (Click Here

In part two I will go over players on the roster that are ready for extensions from their rookie contracts and what I would do as Miami’s GM. 

The good news is 4 out of the 5 players up for extensions were drafted by Miami. All 5 are worthy of getting an extension and hopefully Miami will get all their deals done. I would have Mr. Ross break out that checkbook and be prepared to pay huge signing bonuses to help keep our cap under control in the future. 

Here is the list of players up for extensions and what they should be looking to get. 

  • Tua Tagovailoa Drafed by Miami (Extension 5 year 250 million dollars) 

I have said all that needs to be said in my last post entitled Miami Needs To Lock Tua Up Long Term NOW! Please read.

Contrary to those of the National media and bloggers looking for clickbait rather than dealing with reality, Tua is just 25 years old and has a very bright future ahead of him and I advocate jumping the gun and paying him now before the other young QB’s get their deals done.

NO, Miami is not looking to get rid of Tua no matter how many stupid speculations pop up, Tua is Miami’s Franchise QB moving forward. Tua is a top 10 to top 5 QB in Mike McDaniel’s system.

He proved to be a perfect fit and despite the concussions that some blow way out of proportion (Steelers rookie QB Kenny Pickett had just as many concussions as Tua last season and I am sure many are unaware of that fact) Tua will get a deal done I just hope it is the right one. 

As GM I will give him an extension of 5 years 250 million dollars with some guarantees and balanced with playing incentives and a way out after 3 years if it does not work as well as protection should he have a premature retirement due to concussions. (Let the smart lawyers write the language) 

  • Christian Wilkins Drafed by Miami (5 year 79 million dollars) 

Wilkins has been a constant since being drafted in the first round of 2016. He is a defensive leader and has played better each year and as Miami’s GM I want him to retire as a Dolphins player. 

  • Zach Sieler (4 years 36 million dollars) 

As Wilkins sidekick Zach has also been a solid player and good teammate, he has helped lock down the run defense as that was the only bright spot-on defense last year under Boyer. He too should retire as a Dolphins player. 

  • Robert Hunt Drafed by Miami (4 year 30 million dollars) 

Hunt like Wilkins is another successful Draft pick for GM Chris Grier despite a fickle fan base that want him fired every time something goes wrong with the team; our GM has done an excellent job and I consider him one of the best GMs in the league that truly is not appreciated as much as he should be. 

Robert also should retire as a Dolphin Player. 

  • Brandon Jones Drafed by Miami (3 year 25 million Dollars) 

Another draft pick in the 3rd round of 2020 who has had success and makes up the second half of our young dynamic Safeties beside Jevon Holland a rising star. Brandon still has room to grow and with our New DC he just might improve in areas that he needs to get better. That is why he gets a 3-year extension just long enough for him to cash in if he takes his game to the next level in Vic Fangio’s system. 

Let me know what you think about my decisions regarding the players’ extensions. Agree or Disagree I value your opinions. 

In Part III I will cover outside Free Agents and the draft! 

4 thoughts on “Putting On My GM Hat Part II”

  1. I can’t believe you’re willing to let the phenomenal Iggy walk. He’s sure to get snatched up in FA by a team looking for a maintenance man.

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