Miami Needs To Lock Tua Up Long Term NOW!

The Miami Dolphins has a decision to make and the sooner the better, in fact I would lock Tua up LONG-TERM RIGHT NOW! While mostly everybody is talking about a 5th year option, I say be wise and do a long-term deal ASAP!  

Why the 5th year option is a huge mistake and a gamble the Dolphins should avoid.  

You have no better example than the case of the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson, (let me say these silly rumors of Lamar for Tua is just click bate foolishness)! 

The Ravens had an opportunity to lock up Lamar BEFORE the Deshawn Watson deal and had they done so Lamar would be under contract! Now the Ravens are stuck negotiating a deal AFTER Watson signed a 5 YEAR FULLY GUARENTEED contract for $230 million dollars. 

Had they taken care of Jackson before the Watson deal then Jackson would never have seen the huge deal Watson got and he would have been under contract. 

Now Miami must make a decision on Tua, and they should look at the Ravens and Jackson issues and try not to make the same mistake and that is why NOW is the time to lock Tua up for the foreseeable future and not allow time for the next crazy deal that other young QB’s like Herbert, Hurts and Burrow are set to Make. 

Miami should get a jump and not be overly concerned about Tua’s health issues, but they can use that in negotiating a LONG-TERM DEAL based off of playing incentives and bonuses for making the playoffs, Pro Bowl, and Superbowl so his contract should not be FULLY GURANTEED, at least half of it should be based off of playing time and there should be a way out of the deal should Tua have a premature retirement. 

There are enough smart people to figure out how to make it work. 

The mistake would be to sign Tua to a 5th year option and he balls out next season, plays every game and takes Miami far in the playoffs or even to the SB and AFTER these other young QB’s have signed their new deals Rasing the bar for Tua, how much would he be worth then? I say learn from the Ravens mistake and LOCK TUA UP NOW!!!! 

Let me know in the comments your thoughts on this subject!  

2 thoughts on “Miami Needs To Lock Tua Up Long Term NOW!”

  1. I heard Chris Grier recently said that he does have concerns about Tua’s durability, but also has no issue with offering him a long term deal. That tells me the gears are turning. I fully support doing it sooner than later while the cards are in the teams favor.

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