Vic Fangio Interviewed For The DC Job Today!!! 

From all reports Vick Fangio is Miami’s Head Coach Mike McDaniel’s first choice to be the Miami Dolphins DC. In fact, it was reported that had McDaniel not decided to retain Josh Boyer he would have pursued Fangio last year.  

Boyer did not do a great job and despite all the injuries he had to deal with it was more about that unit not being able to get off the field or turn the ball over and give Miami’s explosive offense more possessions.  

Boyer needs to get more experience like being a collage DC or joining a team that has a veteran DC or maybe getting invited back to New England. Enough about Boyer, he is gone!  

Back to Vick Fangio and why he is the perfect choice for the position and in addition word is it is more than just a visit they are negotiating a deal.  

With Mike McDaniel’s offense being in the top 5 all season long until the last week when they fell to 6th in the league can you imagine if our Defense can be a top 10 unit also?  

Vick Fangio also has head coaching experience and can be someone Mike McDaniel can lean on as he grows into his position as a young head coach. Vick Fangio will turn this defense into a top unit.  

Also, Miami is interviewing one of Fangio’s under-studies and a top 5 on my list of candidates for the position Sean Desai who also interviewed today as well and there are more names that have been given an invitation for an interview. 

  • Kris Richard  
  • Anthony Campanile (In House Candidate)  

But we know whose job it is if he wants it and the fact that Fangio took the interview says he wants that job. Stay Tuned!!! 

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