Tua Confirms He Will Be Back In 2023!

Today Tua Tagovailoa spoke for the first time since being silenced by the NFL to get past the serious injuries suffered this year by Tua (Concussions) and Bills DB Damar Hamlin (Heart Attack) it was a nightmare for the NFL because those incidents happened on National TV in games that were the only show in town and to have such serious injuries is not good news.  

Like I said Tua took time to finally speak up and it is great news as he tweeted this on his Twitter account: 

“When one chapter ends, another begins. Proud of this last one, excited for the next one!” 

He was even more spacific on his Instagram account where he was clear on his goals for next year….

When one chapter ends, another begins. Proud of this last one, excited for next season!

Not sure if this means he has been finally cleared from his concussion protocol, but it is positive news none the less for us Dolphins fans as the season showed that not any QB with the weapons we have on offense can do what Tua does as both Bridgewater and Thompson failed to play up to the level of Tua and it was not even close.  

For Thompson it is expected and still he did very well this season and has solidified a position on this team moving forward but as for Bridgewater Miami needs to dump him ASAP, he is worthless!!! 

2 thoughts on “Tua Confirms He Will Be Back In 2023!”

  1. I see Miami carrying 3 QB’s again next season. They will bring in a better veteran QB than Bridgewater.

  2. Hopefully Skylar learned from his time as a starter, but IMO he’s still got some growing to do if he’s going to be a solid QB2.

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