Doubling Down On Lovie Smith!

Now that it’s official and Josh Boyer has been fired let me put my bid in for the perfect guy IMO to take over Miami’s Defense, I think he could do what Brian Flores was able to do with Miami’s young Defense. 

What also makes Lovie the perfect candidate is his coaching history and experience. He can be a great resource to our “Young Head Coach” Mike McDaniel and Lovie seems to have the perfect personality to blend in well with this team and the coaches. 

Mike McDaniel would finally get the defense he thought he was getting from Boyer. 

I have always believed if you have a young Head Coach who is an offensive minded or defensive minded Coach he should have as his Coordinator an experienced former HC to help that young coach avoid the pitfalls one can have with the entire staff not have head coaching experience. That is why I endorse Lovie Smith as the next DC for Miami. 

It appears that Mike McDaniel wants Vic Fangio from all reports. He too would fit that mode of a Lovie Smith type coach.

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