Roller Coaster Ride Over

Before the 2022 season began there were some doubts as to whether Tua was an NFL caliber QB. The one person who had no doubt was new HC Mike McDaniel who when hired an on the plane to Miami called Tua and told him “His job was to coach Tua and get greatness out of him”. At season’s end Mike McDaniel delivered on his promise and there is no doubt that Tua is a franchise QB (Unless you are the low self-esteem Dolphins fans who allow others opinion to sway you)  

This season was a roller coaster ride of emotions from the highest highs to the lowest lows! The Dolphins started out the gate looking like Super Bowl winners as they were neck and neck with the top teams in the AFC like KC and Buffalo. Tua statistically was the hottest QB in the game and the Hill and Waddle show was in high gear. 

Miami opened the season beating three top teams (Patriots, Ravens & Bills) and going 3-0, then the next game on their schedule would set the negative tone for the rest of the season. Some say it began in the Buffalo win when Tua wobbled getting up from an illegal dirt hit by Bills Matt Milano. Some viewed it as Tua’s first concussion one of three for the season. The official report was it was a back injury. 

The next game vs the Bengals on a Thursday night game on national TV is when disaster struck as Tua was knocked out and concussed after being thrown to the ground by Bengals Josh Tupou. It would set the tone for the rest of the season and prove just how valuable Tua is to the Dolphins as the team would lose every game that Tua was not the starting QB.  

After his injury vs the Bengals the Dolphins lost 3 in a row while Tua was out and upon his return the Dolphins went on a 5-game winning streak.  

Then the Dolphins went on a West coast swing to play the 49ers & Chargers and lose badly, then they lose in a close game up in Buffalo but played so much better than they had, they next played the Packers on Christmas day in Miami and after their 4th straight loss to the Packers Tua was officially diagnosed with his 2nd concussion of the season ( Some say his 3rd of the season) and once again Miami loses their next game without Tua vs the Patriots and then finally win the only game that Tua did not start vs the Jets. 

With Tua out for the rest of the season and Miami making the playoffs for the first time since 2016. The Dolphins were a double-digit underdogs heading into Buffalo with a 7th round rookie QB starting, even though they lost the game the Dolphins battled well and did not get embarrassed as they lost 34-31. 

This first season for Miami’s new HC Mike McDaniel was one of Up’s and Downs winning 3 and losing 3, winning 5 and losing 5 and finally winning the game they needed to make the playoffs. What a rollercoaster ride this season was! This season also brought us HOPE for the future with a young foundation and what appears to be a very good rookie HC that will only get better, at least we hope. 

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