Can Miami’s Defense Prevent a Blowout?

Now that our last hope of competing against Buffalo is down the tubes with the news that Tua is not going to play in the game Sunday, the question might just be how badly will our Dolphins get beat? 

Last year Buffalo thrashed New England in the playoffs 47-17 and we all know the Bills will run up the score when they can. Remember in 2020 when the Bills had nothing to play for in a game that meant Miami could get into the playoffs and the Dolphins got blown out by Buffalo 56-26? 

I just hope somehow that Miami plays them competitive enough to not get blown out. It’s a playoff game 1 and done game so why not take off the shackles on Skylar Thompson and let him throw the ball to his weapons I would rather go down fighting than playing not to lose. 

Oh well, either way I will be glued to the TV hoping for a miracle one that will require our Defense to step up and deliver! 

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